There Is A Racial Divide Between Black People And White People

by Kyle-Durrell Johnson

There is a racial divide between Black people and White people. It makes no sense to try and gather the two populations together to bridge the divide and then get offended when people start talking about WHY the divide exist. I am consistently perplexed by White people who actively try to silence Black voices in spaces meant to BRIDGE the divide and create reconciliation.

Their actions consistently remind me that many people don’t want to heal wounds. they don’t want to be educated about a world perspective of which they have never experienced or understood. They want people to “get over it” so that they can be comfortable while Black people sit with festering wounds of injustice, oppression, and social marginalization.

I’m not here for that. I won’t settle for that. You can miss me with that.

Folks, if you don’t want to BE ABOUT THE WORK, don’t show up to the job site. If you want to be comfortable in a lie, stop asking for truth.

But, the LEAST you can do is stop expecting me to smile while you ignore my reality and act like everything is okay.


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