Richard Worsinger Rocky Mount’s residential electric rate is actually the lowest in our area and lower than the average cost in all but 5 states

Heather Owen The electricity rates are competitive? In comparison to what other energy companies? On an apples to apples basis? RMU has been one of the worst utilities I have ever dealt with in my adult life, and I have lived in 7 different states as a home owning or home renting adult.

Transmission Issue The Day After Taking Car In For Oil Change At Doug Henry Farmville NC

Last Monday June 3 took my son’s car to Doug Henry to get oil changed. Tuesday the transmission started acting up. Checked fluid and couldn’t see any in it. I added 3 quarts and it started shifting but was still starting off slow.

Carried car back to Doug Henry and told them what was going on and told them to drain fluid and add new back. I was told it was going to be around $185.00. When I received phone call from them she told me that they found a oil leak and I said but you just changed the oil on Monday and the check off sheet said no oil leak and no one said anything about one. She said it was going to be around $185.00 for replacing a front seal if I am correct, it is documented. I said let’s get the transmission right first because the oil leak is not as important now.

But on Wednesday when I picked up the car she said she was trying to save me some money and she only charged me $135.00 down from $185.00.

When she called me and she said the tech completed the transmission work but it was still slow about shifting to come and get it and drive it to see if it will get better. Well it did not.

I took it back on Thursday and I told her that the check engine light came on on Wednesday but it didn’t come on on the way to the shop. She said that well that is okay because they could still get the code. Well I have heard some folk say you can’t get the code unless the car’s check engine light was on when you bring it in. I told her I knew what the code said on Tuesday.

I didn’t hear from them until I called them late Friday evening. She said they checked it out on Thursday but I find it strange I didn’t receive a phone call. When I called on Friday after I got off work at 3:30 this is when I learned that they had checked it on Thursday but didn’t call me. She said that they checked it and it seemed like it was getting worse. She said going to need to have transmission rebuilt and it will cost $3000. She said but they will have to send the vehicle to the Goldsboro shop because they have no one that can do it in Farmville.

When I called on Friday she said there would be no charge.

Well I am trying to figure out what is going on in Farmville because the turnover rate has been crazy recently. I was just down there a little over a month ago and the 2 service desk reps are no longer there. I only seen 1 service technician that has been there.

I purchased a new 2010 Malibu in January 2010 and it has 245,000 miles and running good. I purchased a new 2017 Malibu around November 2017. My son’s car a 2010 Malibu I purchased from someone with around 2017 also and it had around 80,000 miles and now it has around 140,000 miles. I keep my cars serviced oil changes between 3,000 and 5,000 miles and I take them to Chevrolet dealerships. I take them to Doug Henry Chevrolet but I have taken them to Don Bulluck in Rocky Mount NC as well.

I can’t prove it but it just seems strange that the car’s transmission was fine until I took it in to get oil change. My cousin is a certified mechanic and he came to the house and put his machine on it to see what the check engine light code was.

I find it interesting she has not mentioned what the code was so did they check it. The code said low fluid, no fluid and/or solenoid sticking. However my cousin got it because he also looked up the code on his phone.

All of this just seems strange. My cousin said removing the drain plug to replace transmission fluid when changing the oil has been done before. When I mentioned it work some guys told me about someone at work it happened to them and they had a brand new vehicle had taken it to a dealership somewhere and they removed transmission plug instead of oil.

It is just interesting that the chain of events from changing the oil, going from no oil leak to saying the car had an oil leak 2 days after oil was changed. The amount of money told would cost to amount paid. The not responding to the check engine light code but saying checked out the transmission. So what did they do?

Well going down this morning to see paper trail and to decide on what the next step will be.