I Walk A Thin Line At Home, Work And Elsewhere

I walk a fine line at home, work and elsewhere because all eyes are on me. Somebody just waiting for me to fall.

Well if you hear about I was cheating on my wife, drinking and other ignant mess please call my wife and the police.

When I leave home a Red Flag goes up and I be on my ps and qs because I refuse to give evil folk and fake folk what they want.

I have more women friends than men and my wife new that before we got married. I quit drinking 32 years ago. My know I am about business and she tell me I be too serious some times. I get on her last nerve some times.

Do I always get it right? Not! I strive for perfection daily but not to be perfect. The only time I will become perfect is when I am perfectly laid straight out in a casket.

But while I am on this side, I am going to try to treat my brothers and sisters right. Some folk don’t like me when I am nice so I have to show them some tough love. When I mistreat anyone I will try to get it right.

Now I refuse to be disrespected and when you cross the line. well you see the side that you may have never seen before because I come in all sizes, forms and fashion.

But at the end of the day, I will still love you.

Folk don’t want to hear them trues!

I am for justice no matter who it is for or against!

I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!

When you recognize and understand who I am and whose I am, the better off you will be.

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Updated: Rocky Mount City Council Race 2019 I Was Trying Not To Say Anything But I Just Can’t! Open Season On Black Leaders That Are Doing Things!


Many of my followers have asked why I have not talked more about the Rocky Mount City Council Race and I told them I was going to wait til next month when the filing period began but I just can’t because I feel strongly that my faithful supporters need to know where I stand.

How in the hell can you truly have a One Rocky Mount as long as the railroad tracks exist. The folk that ran from the East Side because they didn’t want to be around Black Folk so what has changed? Oh they want to be around them now? Just asking! I don’t want to hear a damn thing about One Rocky Mount until I see the actions.

Edgecombe County residents you better stay woke because the county is affected by what goes on in Rocky Mount City Government as well. This is why I have been and will continue to be involved.

Recently I had bring out Political Pimping I had not used that in quite some time. Now today I am bringing back Open Season on Black Leaders that are doing some things. The Special Cs want the Caucasian majority on the Rocky Mount City Council or they want someone they can control.

These folk running for office tickles me because what they do and and what they campaign on do not line up.

Folk you better be mindful of what is going on because this year WHIG-TV, Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens, Tales of An Educated Debutante, Community Council, Hoodnews 252, Keith Harris page, Roger Brantley page and some others have taken the Racism to a whole new level. But the sad part is some Black folk are following them and not challenging them on their lies. When folk like myself challenge them they either block us and/or try to discredit us with their lies on the blocked pages. Those folk who are following this mess and not saying anything holds true to the words of Dr. MLK.

The Rocky Mount City Council is not divided and it is documented because of their voting pattern. The mayor has not been able to vote during his tenure.

It is the haters that are creating the division. The The Morning Show on Whig-TV ought to be called “All Things Rocky Mount City Council/Government!” They talk about the council almost daily. They get on the show without doing any homework and just lie, lie, lie. And Black folk believe that b.s. Sad! But all you got to do is question them asses on what they say and you will see they can’t answer and then play VICTIM.

It is a damn shame that at a time when the Special Cs are coming after our Black Leaders some Black Folk are teaming up with them to help them accomplish their mission.

Mayoral Race

Where has Sandy Roberson for mayor the millionaire come from? He has teamed up with Moe Deloach and using he black children to attempt to get elected. Damn shame! I don’t know Roberson.

Kevin Jones for mayor his work with giving out scholarship is great but I am still trying to figure out what that has to do with running for mayor. For me it seems he would be a great candidate for school board since it seems as if he is into the education system. Remind me of Roy Gray years ago when he was running for Tarboro City Council he talked more about school issues. I don’t know Jones.

Bronson Williams for mayor well I have been knowing him for years before he has gotten out of high school. He went on to college and come back to Rocky Mount and is a successful businessman as such a young age. He has been speaking up on issues and has been attending the city council meetings for years.

Do I agree with Bronson on everything? Oh hell no and I have challenged him to his face and on social media.

Do I support Bronson? Yes because I know where his heart is but do he say things that I always agree with? Oh hell no but he say more that I agree with than not.

I feel Bronson would be good. I know Williams.

Ward 1 Race

Tarrick Pittman for Ward 1 I just can’t understand what is going on. He said he moved in the Ward over a year ago but voted in Nash County in November. I have no problem with folk moving and running for office just as long as they are legit.

It appears since he is President of the Downtown Revitalization that he is taking an opportunity to test the waters since the haters have been complaining about downtown is not coming back. And then they are mad about the Event Center and now a possible hotel coming among much other good things. He is in a lawsuit with the city about rent on the building downtown claiming the building have mold but if I am correct he is still in there. This has been going on for about 2 years or longer. I don’t know Pittman.

Pastor Andre Knight for re-election. I don’t have to say anything about the most hated man in Rocky Mount. Damn shame the brother have touched so many lives over the years make a difference in the city for so many ungrateful folk who are listening to the haters. Folk you better be mindful of what you partake in because you need to check the haters motive.

Do I agree with Knight on every thing? Hell no and I tell him. I know Knight.

Ward 3 Race

Johnny Cunningham for Ward 3 this is one of the biggest jokes ever. This guy has had an agenda to get rid of Reuben Blackwell and Andre Knight because he can’t stand them. He has talked about he has done work for them and it appears he has been mad because they didn’t give him more work. He has been going to the council meetings for several years trying to discredit Blackwell and Knight but most Knight. I don’t know Cunningham but his actions at the council meetings have been embarrassing. 

Gwen Wilkins for Ward 3 I don’t understand why she think that the timing is right for her. I feel she is trying to get in because of all of the hating going on and that obviously she feels it is the right time. I used to have some respect for Wilkins but as of recently when she went into the attack mode on the council with the haters that was it. I have been knowing Wilkins for years because she was the 1st Congressional District Chair For the Democratic Party. Over the years her status in the party has been declining and it is almost like she is mad politically every since she lost her position on the state level. I know Wilkins.

Pastor Richard Joyner for re-election Ward 3 I had an issue with how he was appointed to replace now Judge Lamont Wiggins. I spoke out against it. It was nothing against him because I have no problem with folk moving and running for office just as long as they are legit. Now since Rev. Joyner has been on the council he has really proved to me that he is sincere and making some good decisions in the best interest of everyone. Now the Special Cs thought he was going to come in and be anti-Knight and Blackwell. I know Joyner.

Ward 5 Race

Tom Rogers has made it clear he is not seeking re-election.

Lige Daughtridge for Ward 5 I used to have more respect for him because I have no problem with him challenging the council but to me it has gotten out of hand. I know he is like me do his homework however though up until now his presentations have not been effective trying to accomplish his mission that the haters are trying to discredit this council especially Knight and Blackwell. Now it appears they are putting their money on the audit from Beth Woods trying to get them to dig, dig, dig until they find something.

I have an issue with Daughtridge because I feel he has presented information that has been no different of how previous councils have done things. It appears to me that Daughtridge and the haters main concern is that the council is a black majority and they feel that Knight and Blackwell are running the city. But the problem with that is it is sending a negative picture because they both only have 1 vote for a total of 2 and there are 5 more council members.

I sure hope somebody file for Ward 5 because since the seat is open that more folk ought to be concerned and should want to be at the table. Now is the time to be gearing up.

I can’t wait to see who all file in July because I strongly feel some will not file that are saying they will and there will be some others who are quiet that will file.

I know a whole lot more than what folk think I know but I don’t share everything.

Now there you have it. I have responded to my followers who have inquired about where I stand on the upcoming election.

I have stated time and time again anyone running for office and it affect me in Edgecombe County that they better contact me because I have worked too hard in politics. I can work with you, against you or be neutral. Your actions depend on how I move, but the thing is you will hear it from me.

This is just my opinion. I am not mad with anyone. This is what I do. I am “All Things Political!”

Updated June 9, 2019:

Today I wake up to see another one is considering to run for Ward 1 as I read, Former candidate mulls council run I hate that I did not respond to the articles when the others did their thing on why they are running like I am about to do with the following.

Kelvin Barnhill considering run for Ward 1

Again this further validates my opinion about how folk campaign but if they like it, I love it.

Andre Knight residency was challenged back during the early 2000’s and Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Edgecombe County Democratic Party, WHIG-TV and some others that were pushing it lost that battle. Residency is where a person says they live and they provide legal documents to prove it. Damn I would love to see somebody take the time to see just how many elected officials that serve in elected capacities but stay out of town more than they stay in town. I ain’t talking about a few miles within a city such as the mess about Knight not living in Edgecombe County but live in Nash County which would be within a 5 mile radius with the locations of his group homes where he spend the majority of his time so he says. I don’t keep up with where he sleeps.

So Barnhill you want to run on friendship and church members but what about why you want to run? Oh you say you want to turn some things around. What are those things?

Barnhill will you please explain the self interest and shenanigans of Knight and Councilman Reuben Blackwell?

You say, “It is not a black versus white issue to be upset with all the money grabs by OIC and their chairman Andre Knight and CEO Reuben Blackwell,” Barnhill said. “I think the African American community in Rocky Mount is the most upset because the expenditures benefiting Andre and OIC are not helping the average resident of Ward 1. I want to put a stop to that and get back to the city of Rocky Mount working to help its citizens, not just a few politicians with access and influence.”

So where have you been because the Caucasian movement has been an issue since the council became a black majority. Actually some Caucasians were saying what they were going to do if the council became a Black Majority and they have been true to their words. The Black and Special C is going on daily all over Social Media via the sites set up and run by these Racists. WHIG-TV is on daily talking about the Rocky Mount City Council and staff daily.

I like how you went from it is not a black vs white and then to you think African American community in Rocky Mount.

Please explain the following, “I think the African American community in Rocky Mount is the most upset because the expenditures benefiting Andre and OIC are not helping the average resident of Ward 1.”

What expenditures are Andre benefitting from and OIC that are not helping the average resident of Ward 1?

Please explain the basic failure of the Crossing at 64 project in spite of hundreds of thousands of dollars spent by the city? Are you accusing Joyce Dickens of anything? Just asking. Now the Crossing at 64 that is dear to me on a personal note.

Barnhill you say, “Local businessman Tarrick Pittman, doesn’t operate a business in Ward 1 and only recently moved to a rental house in the district. So when did the requirement to serve on the council requirement become one have to operate a business in the Ward they live in?

You say, “At least Mr. Pittman is actually living in a house in Ward 1, but what our ward needs is a representative who is from here, has lived and worked in Ward 1 for years and years, not just a few months,” Barnhill said. “I understand the people and the issues of my community and I’m ready to do what I can to build on the good things happening in Rocky Mount and our area.”

How do you know Mr. Pittman lives in the house? So are you riding around checking out their houses to see if they are there?

I will challenge you that the majority of the folk don’t know who their councilman and others that they can vote for in their ward until they have an issue. I know that as a fact.

So what are the issues because you see that is what is the problem when folk campaign they talk about all of the wrong things instead of what they will bring to the table.

And now this is what tickles me the most when folk campaigning say things like, “I’m ready to do what I can to build on the good things happening in Rocky Mount and our area.” Well who gets the credit for that because now you are talking about the current council that includes Andre and Reuben.

Damn Andre and Reuben only have 1 vote each for a total of 2 votes out of a 7 member council.

All voters you better check out to see what is really going on and not allow folk to play upon your emotions.

I am just the messenger putting out the facts and challenging what is being said. So many folk are afraid to speak out because they may be family and friends of the campaigners. I represent those whom have allowed me to speak for them but also those who have not given me permission. But until those who have not given me permission speak up and say I don’t speak for them, well guess what you I am speaking for you by default too!



Steve Johnson Post On Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens Special C I Don’t Need Advice From Mr. Cederberg Someone Whom I Don’t Know

It is sad these Ignant Racist Special Cs are all over social media posting mess trying discredit the Black man but when we call them out they play Victim. They play ….. and then don’t want to get ….. I ain’t the one. I am a Professional.

This Special C don’t want to hear them trues when I change them. Mad because they have a problem with a Black Man responding to their mess.



Conscientious Stupidity & Conscientious Ignorance Is On The Rise

I love this comical b.s. folk be posting on Facebook. Tickles the hell out of me. Watch how their conversation change from day to day. Unstable as hell!

When you ask the followers about what the person is saying and they can’t give you an answer that is called Conscientious Stupidity and Conscientious Ignorance by being guilty of association.

I take names and see who will be standing with whom in the end.

Some folk just fade away when their mess begin to stink.

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WHIG-TV: Wayne Holloman & Linda Tharrington Co-host The Morning Show Thursday June 6

So what did I say on this day to trigger that Ignant Racist Special C to call in and call me a Louis Farrahkan Follower, A Bigot and other? Help me understand who the RACIST really is. I said my name but this Special C didn’t. This is what they do hide and lie, lie, lie.

WHIG-TV Creates An Hostile Environment
But When Challenged They Play Victim
The Show Need To Be Named
“The Rocky Mount City Hall Show” and they will talk about other things

Dude Called In On WHIG-TV After I Called In
These Racist Cs Right Here
Because I Called Out Wayne Holloman & Lisa Tharrington
About Not Doing Their Homework But Try To Talk About Social Media
I Said This Station Is No Different From Social Media
They Just Throw Out Mess

Click On Photo To Listen To Audio
Don’t Know Why When I Watched The Re-Run Later That Night It Was Only Audio