This Is What I Had Prepared To Say At The Rocky Mount City Council Meeting On Monday May 28, 2019 But I Forgot To Print It

My comments about the Memorial on yesterday was to the community haters that come to the meetings not the council although it may seem as if I was asking the council where they were. I know what council members were there.

Good evening,

My name is Curmilus (Butch) Dancy II the Professional Political Agitator.

I can’t remember the last time I addressed this council but it has been some time. Folk have been asking me when I am going to say something.

I stand before you today to say to this council that I have been attending the council meetings long before you were elected.

I have supported this council because I feel this has been the most transparent council since I began attending this meeting and the Human Relations Commission meeting back in the late 80’s early 90’s. I have held you accountable for your actions. I have addressed you during your meetings and also writing about you on The DCN News Blog Online TV.

My name keep coming up as it relates to the Rocky Mount City Council. I have worked in Rocky Mount for the past 32 years and 6 months. I joined the Rocky Mount Branch NAACP in 1992 and I currently serve as 2nd Vice President. I have served on the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee since the late 80’s and I currently serve as Precinct Chair. I served as Vice Chair of N.E.E.D. Inc. in the early 90’s. I am currently serving on the Human Relations Commission until the NAACP name a replacement. I a strictly business when I serve in such capacities and anyone and everyone who have served in these capacities with me know I am about the mission of each.

I stand before you today to commend you for the progress I have seen take place in Rocky Mount. I support your actions on the new security steps being taking because I want to feel secure when I attend the meetings and everybody here ought to feel the same.

I want to conclude by saying to Rochelle Small-Toney you are one strong black lady because over the past several months you have endured some tough times dealing with work and with the passing of your mother and father. Continue to keep moving Rocky Mount forward.

Thank you Rocky Mount City Council, City Manager/Staff and Rocky Mount Police/Fire Department for all that you do.

Curmilus Dancy II
The DCN News Blog Online TV

I was going to wait until the next meeting to speak but while listening to all of the comments I did this on my phone in a matter of minutes toward the end of the meeting. You can see me in the video when I walked to the other side of the room and got a sign up sheet to speak.

I am Curmilus

Dem. Party
Human Relations
Other orgs

None of you were on this council when I began attending this meeting and Human Relations if I am correct. I have held this council accountable for their actions over the years.
I have seen the progress.

This council has worked together their actions and their votes are documented.

Thank you council, city manager/staff, police chief/officers fire and others.

Mrs. Toney you have proved yourself to be professional inspite of the negativity especially during the time of the passing of both parents.

See the video of the meeting: Residents sound off to council – Rocky Mount Telegram


Local TV station moves to downtown location – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: This is a good thing looking forward to the upcoming talk shows and other good things.

A local television station is now calling downtown home and the station’s owner said he has found the heart of Rocky Mount to be to his liking.

WNCR in early April relocated to 106 N.W. Main St. after having been off South Wesleyan Boulevard on the southwest side of the city.

“There is a desire to make downtown Rocky Mount a vibrant and lively downtown,” owner Bronson Williams, 33, said of one of the reasons he made the move. “In many cities across America, television stations have a studio downtown.”

Williams was quick to talk up the streetscaped area alongside the railroad tracks, saying, “I didn’t realize until being down here how many people walk up and down the streets downtown. It’s a nice, safe, quiet community.”

As for the criticism and the negatives about downtown having empty buildings and places where landlords have been neglectful, he said, “When I see empty spaces, what I see is opportunity downtown.” (Read more)

Downtown hotel project moves forward – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: Yes it looks like Rocky Mount Edgecombe County fitting ready to get a hotel.

The Rocky Mount City Council is set to hold a public hearing on its downtown hotel project.

The required hearing is scheduled for July 8 during the council’s regular monthly meeting.

Tennessee developer David Hunt has been selected as the hotel project developer. In a repeat play from the May 13 council meeting when the project’s request for qualifications was presented in addition to the meeting’s agenda and immediately approved, the hotel development agreement resolution was added to the agenda at the end of Monday’s meeting.

Councilwoman Chris Miller complained about the council not having enough time to digest what they were being presented prior to a vote being taken. She asked staff to get the information to council sooner than the day of the vote.

Miller joined the rest of the council in unanimously approving the resolution without further questions. (Read more)

Just Received A Call Leon Toby Waller’s House Fire

Just received a call that my friend, my brother Toby Leon Waller house caught on fire early this morning. They told me to check it out when I go by there to video the Senior Citizens event this morning. I told the person that I was going to call my brother and ask him.

The report is he woke up around shortly after 12 this morning and something told him to look out the window and that is when he seen the house engulfed in flames. He grabbed some clothes and told everyone to get out. The house is a total loss.

A brother and his family is in need so I ain’t going to tell you to keep him in your prayers but you know what can be and need to be done.

My brother is already dealing with his wife who is sick as well so my brother got a lot on him but he sounded good. He can do that because he is well grounded in faith brother.

Toby is the owner of Phillips Printing in Tarboro North Carolina.