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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

After an uproarious couple of weeks at City Hall, Tuesday’s Rocky Mount City Council meeting remained calm and civilized.

Apologies were the order of the day with city residents Sam Battle and Troy Davis expressing regret for words said during the last meeting and last week at City Hall.

Battle told the council he’s sorry for heated comments made at the May 13 council meeting.

Davis was arrested May 22 at City Hall and charged with trespassing. He’s accused of violating new security protocols.

While both men were contrite, they remained resolute in their positions.

“I apologize for my language; I’m not apologizing for my outrage,” Davis said.

Davis said he was angry over poor police response times in his neighborhood. He said he is insulted that police claim the responded to a brawl on Beverly Street in eight minutes.

“It was at least 20 minutes,” Davis said, adding that security measures could be put in place overnight at City Hall, but police couldn’t respond in a timely manner.

Davis encouraged people to report crime and expect a reasonable response time.

Battle asked for the same amenities for Edgecombe County kids that Nash County kids get easily. He said the gym at the Booker T. Washington Community Center on Pennsylvania Avenue needs air conditioning.

“If it’s 90 degrees outside, it’s 130 degrees in the gym and they’re shutting it down,” Battle said.

Battle said Warren Daughtridge and Love Rocky Mount has done more for impoverished communities in the past few weeks than anyone else has done in years.

Me: So what have they done? It appears to me that some Special Cs are pimping the black community as we are approaching the upcoming city council election. There is a word for it, Poverty Pimps. The motive makes all the difference.

Battle and Daughtridge stood side-by-side when Daughtridge said their group is about the Golden Rule, open arms and helping hands.

Nehemiah Smith said beach trips, bagged lunches, used furniture and toys don’t remedy poverty. He said neither does lifting up agenda-backed heroes.

The real problem that needs to be solved in Rocky Mount’s impoverished neighborhoods is the deficit of opportunities, Smith said.

Moe Deloach offered to help bring the community together.

Sue Perry Cole voiced support for affordable workforce housing.

Curmilus Dancy said he’s been active in politics since the 1980s and was attending City Council meetings before any current member of the council. He said he wasn’t following the lead of the council members but rather applauding them when they do right and calling them out when they do wrong.

As of late, the council and staff deserve a thank you, Dancy said — especially City Manager Rochelle Small-Toney who lost both her parents in the middle of enduring intense scrutiny with no sympathy.

Source: Residents sound off to council – Rocky Mount Telegram

Wow! Roger Brantley Really? I Have Not Judged You, I Don’t Know You & You Don’t Know Me

A couple of days ago a post by Roger Brantley came across my Newsfeed. When I visited his Profile I seen we were friends. He had to have sent me a Friend Request because I don’t know him and can’t think of any reason why I would have sent him a Friend Request. I only send Friend Request to folk if I know them and/or read something about them that I feel is good and that I want to follow them.

I am finding out that I am friends with lots of folk who are posting about Rocky Mount NC and it has to be because they are following The DCN News Blog Online TV whereby I am a bonifide and nothing but the truth source.

A couple of days ago Mr. Brantley posted. “Roger Brantley is with Tarrick Pittman and 10 others. May 26 at 7:42 AM ·Johnny Cunningham has been telling me the conditions in Rocky Mount for some time .Yesterday I saw first hand what he was talking about .We took 250 brownbaglunches .Several bags of Boostherbags from Dew4Him.These bags contain items for woman you can’t buy with Food stamps .Wakefield Central Baptist Church youth and Bellarussian youth donated bags with toothpaste lotion and mouth wash .Furniture was donated for these families .New Toys given to the kids So if you saw a dodge … See More

I made Mr. Brantley aware that I appreciate the work he is doing but he lost me when he incorporated politics into it when he tagged certain candidates and made it clear he was supporting them. Because I challenged him, he now like so many are playing victim.

Read all the comments in the above post and see my responses to Mr. Brantley. It appears he has a serious problem because I rebuke him saying he and others want to pray for me.

This morning I find it quite interesting to wake up to his new post about me, “Roger Brantley 6 hrs ·I need some prayer warriors to pray Because Prayer moves mountains Prayer changes people and circumstances Two people have visited my page and tried to press their agenda on me They have judged me for my beliefs and even helping others .So I need for you to pray for these two who judge others for what they are doing Send to their FB page Share with your friends family co workers to Pray Pray Pray for them They are Curmilus Butch Dancy and Tricia Sheppard Only GOD can judge me not them So reach out and Pray for them I am praying now for them.

Mr. Brantley I have never judged anyone. I challenge black, brown, white and other folk and have been doing so since the late 80’s. I been around!

I am sorry you feel some type a way about me but I am who I am.

I really was hoping we were going to move forward with bringing some closure but it appears you are on mission to come for me. Well sir I will not allow anyone to attempt to discredit me and to paint a negative picture of me and I not respond.

Sir again I repeat I don’t know you and you don’t know me. I repeat I appreciate what you are doing but I question the political piece attached to it especially when you invited me to participate in the feeding. I can’t because I do not support your candidates.

I hope we can move forward with you supporting your candidates and I supporting mines. You do what you do and I am going to continue to do what I do.

Memorial Day 2019 Ceremony Jack Laughery Park Rocky Mount North Carolina

I attended my 1st ever Memorial Day Ceremony and I truly enjoyed it. Click on the following photos to view photos and to watch video.

The family of PFC U.S. Army William Hoover Jones was honored celebrating the return of his body after going missing for 68 years. PFC Jones served in Korea and he never returned while in active duty.

It was an honor to be able to celebrate this day with my #1 supporter Mrs. Elizabeth Ohree as her brother was recognized for his service.