Who Provide The Service I Provide In The Twin Counties For Free?

I sacrifice my time and resources to do what I do and then folk think they are going to attempt to discredit me and talk to me any kind of way. Oh hell to the naw! If you are friends with me on Social Media then you are reaping the benefits of what I offer. Now if you have not viewed my hundreds YouTube Videos and my thousands of Photos then that is no fault on my behalf.

I went to Rocky Mount this morning and videoed the Veterans Memorial Ceremony and took photos. I am now home working on the video. I have made the original copy of the ceremony and now I have to dub copies. I have to type up my labels.

I have prepared the video online to be uploaded to YouTube and it has a 4 hour run time for a 1 hour 4 minutes and 16.16 seconds before it will be available on YouTube. But forgot after the 4 hour rendering process it will be around another hour before it is actually available on YouTube.

I have posted around 250 photos.

I had to buy a Verizon Wireless Hot Spot which came with a price, activation fee a monthly fee around 20 days ago because I have been taking my work to Tarboro to my sister’s house and upload my work.

Folk I do what I do so don’t come for me when I am providing a service and you have not and do not intend on donating but you have access to my work. Now I am talking to the haters not everyone. I could make my work so only certain folk can see it but I know who can afford things and who can not. So in order for me to reach the less fortunate, the fortunate just happens to benefit.

But it is all good. He keeps right on blessing me!

Who am I?

I am Curmilus Dancy II The DCN News Blog Online TV. I am damn good at what I do however I ain’t the best and don’t claim to be.

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