This Is The Kinds Of Messages I Receive In My Inbox & Comments On My Blog That I Have To Approve For Others To Be Able To See

In my inbox.

Butch leave Ann Bodie out bro she ain’t fucking Racists let the shit go homie Damn! Fuck it bro she’s a female Fuck you keep fucking with her for son wtf!! Don’t text her again fuck that shit


Oh so she can call me a racist but I can’t call her one. She came for me I responded to Adrian not her. I have not texted her don’t know her number.

My name was mentioned in this post Rocky Mount Telegram Recap by Adrian Wood. See how I responded.

But what did Ann have to do with it? She responded to me. See how I responded to Ann. And then this lead to an inbox from a black male. I don’t know him either. But I wonder do he inbox Special Cs that come after black folk.


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