Men Stand Up And Be Heard! Be A Voice!

I am looking at these hater pages and receiving screenshots from pages that have me blocked. These haters are targeting black leaders male and female and what are you saying?

It is documented and a visit to the page will tell the story.

It is sad when the women have to stand up for black men who are speaking truth to power while the men are silent.

Oh I done pissed some men off. I am just asking.

When we allow Special Cs and black folk to attack black folk in leadership position and you say nothing you are hurting the attacker and the attacked with your silence. Speak the hell up and say that it ain’t right.

It is one thing to challenge folk but do it with respect and truth. But to allow things to go on and now look at the steps that Rocky Mount City Hall has have to take because of the mess that comes to the meetings and posted on social media sites. If good folk would speak up maybe the mess would cease. But as long as you are silent you are part of the problem.

The 2 incidents that happened last week and this week by 2 young black males makes no damn sense. The black community ain’t saying much publicly but look at the Special Cs they are using it to come after black leadership.

And then I am threatened by black and white folk because I refuse to be silent. Some even have the audacity to send me messages to my inbox. Well if something was to happen to me I am keeping up with it all so the list will be ready for law enforcement to check everybody out.

I don’t bother folk. But folk feel it is okay to talk about me but I can’t say anything. Oh hell to the naw! This goes for all walks of life be it in the community, in the church, on the job and elsewhere. I am going to respond in a professional manner and I have a tract record of doing such.

Men I ain’t the only one watching, I talk to women every day.

I refuse to be silent!

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