Killer Was Victim’s Pallbearer @ – I Have Said That Over The Years When It Came To Candlelight Vigils & Etc.

The Political Agitator’s response: I have said it over the years and that is why I have a problem with candlelight vigils. When there is a murder, I bet 99% of the time somebody know who did it but they don’t say a damn word. The murder be at the vigils and then like in this case at the damn funeral. Damn shame! Piss me off just reading this.

Former Greenville High School football star Lamarckus Boswell, age 31, was loved by friends and family, all of whom mourned his loss when he was fatally shot back in March of 2018.

One of those friends was Kendrick Cobb, a longtime friend of Boswell’s, who is now charged with Boswell’s murder.

On May 19 Cobb was denied bond during a hearing, but in a second hearing held on Friday, Boswell’s family had an opportunity to address the court.

And they revealed that Cobb had actually been a pallbearer during Boswell’s funeral, carrying his casket and standing beside the crying family members of the very man he himself had shot and killed.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, Cobb killed Boswell after an argument inside an apartment on Landford Drive, which ended up out in the parking lot where shots were fired. (Read more)


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