This Is The Kinds Of Messages I Receive In My Inbox & Comments On My Blog That I Have To Approve For Others To Be Able To See

In my inbox.

Butch leave Ann Bodie out bro she ain’t fucking Racists let the shit go homie Damn! Fuck it bro she’s a female Fuck you keep fucking with her for son wtf!! Don’t text her again fuck that shit


Oh so she can call me a racist but I can’t call her one. She came for me I responded to Adrian not her. I have not texted her don’t know her number.

My name was mentioned in this post Rocky Mount Telegram Recap by Adrian Wood. See how I responded.

But what did Ann have to do with it? She responded to me. See how I responded to Ann. And then this lead to an inbox from a black male. I don’t know him either. But I wonder do he inbox Special Cs that come after black folk.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 23, 2019 City implements security measures Rocky Mount, N.C.


City implements security measures
Rocky Mount, N.C.

To ensure the safety and security of employees and the general public, the city of Rocky Mount has implemented new initiatives.

Residents and city employees will now be greeted by a security officer located on the first floor of the Frederick E. Turnage Municipal Building (City Hall).

Employees are required to display city issued identification badges on their clothing. Visitors to City Hall must sign in with the security officer, identifying their name and the department they would like to visit. The individual will be issued a visitor’s pass, and the respective department secretary will be contacted by phone. A representative from that department will meet the visitor in the first-floor atrium, providing an escort to and from the desired location. At the conclusion of their visit, the visitor will sign out at the security desk and turn in the visitor’s pass.

Visitors to City Hall will also undergo metal detector screening. Additionally, plans are underway for metal detectors in the George W. Dudley City Council Chambers and in the committee room where Committee of the Whole work sessions are held. Next fiscal year, security measures are also expected to be in place for other public city-owned facilities.

Anyone who would like to visit the city manager, please schedule an appointment in advance.

Appointments may be scheduled by contacting Tanika Cooper, executive assistant to the city manager, at 252-972-1327.

Men Stand Up And Be Heard! Be A Voice!

I am looking at these hater pages and receiving screenshots from pages that have me blocked. These haters are targeting black leaders male and female and what are you saying?

It is documented and a visit to the page will tell the story.

It is sad when the women have to stand up for black men who are speaking truth to power while the men are silent.

Oh I done pissed some men off. I am just asking.

When we allow Special Cs and black folk to attack black folk in leadership position and you say nothing you are hurting the attacker and the attacked with your silence. Speak the hell up and say that it ain’t right.

It is one thing to challenge folk but do it with respect and truth. But to allow things to go on and now look at the steps that Rocky Mount City Hall has have to take because of the mess that comes to the meetings and posted on social media sites. If good folk would speak up maybe the mess would cease. But as long as you are silent you are part of the problem.

The 2 incidents that happened last week and this week by 2 young black males makes no damn sense. The black community ain’t saying much publicly but look at the Special Cs they are using it to come after black leadership.

And then I am threatened by black and white folk because I refuse to be silent. Some even have the audacity to send me messages to my inbox. Well if something was to happen to me I am keeping up with it all so the list will be ready for law enforcement to check everybody out.

I don’t bother folk. But folk feel it is okay to talk about me but I can’t say anything. Oh hell to the naw! This goes for all walks of life be it in the community, in the church, on the job and elsewhere. I am going to respond in a professional manner and I have a tract record of doing such.

Men I ain’t the only one watching, I talk to women every day.

I refuse to be silent!

Killer Was Victim’s Pallbearer @ – I Have Said That Over The Years When It Came To Candlelight Vigils & Etc.

The Political Agitator’s response: I have said it over the years and that is why I have a problem with candlelight vigils. When there is a murder, I bet 99% of the time somebody know who did it but they don’t say a damn word. The murder be at the vigils and then like in this case at the damn funeral. Damn shame! Piss me off just reading this.

Former Greenville High School football star Lamarckus Boswell, age 31, was loved by friends and family, all of whom mourned his loss when he was fatally shot back in March of 2018.

One of those friends was Kendrick Cobb, a longtime friend of Boswell’s, who is now charged with Boswell’s murder.

On May 19 Cobb was denied bond during a hearing, but in a second hearing held on Friday, Boswell’s family had an opportunity to address the court.

And they revealed that Cobb had actually been a pallbearer during Boswell’s funeral, carrying his casket and standing beside the crying family members of the very man he himself had shot and killed.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, Cobb killed Boswell after an argument inside an apartment on Landford Drive, which ended up out in the parking lot where shots were fired. (Read more)