These Special Cs Just Lie, Lie, Lie – I Do What I Do Out Of Pocket And Have No Revenue Coming In For My Blog Clint Williams, Warren Daughtridge, Theresa Rooks Peaden

Barbara Adams Overman I get attention because I am a Professional and I am the Man! It is evident because of the followers I have that are not registered confirmation in Clint Ignant Williams comment.

Clint Ignant Williams I do not get paid for the Ads and by the way Lindell John Kay just told me on Monday that I had a lot of ads popping up on my page. I am thinking about upgrading my WordPress Site to become a paid site so I can eliminate the ads. This will be another expense for me.

Now it sounds good and maybe something I need to look into as far as getting paid for ads on my page.

Warren Daughtridge are you referring to Black People when you say poor people? Oh you the one that started Love Rocky Mount. Really?

Theresa Rooks Peaden nope I am not responsible for the Ignant Racist Special C behavior you all display. It began before I was born.

Keep following me while you go over to Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens Page and talk about me. Confirmation again I am the Man.



Letter to the Editor: Council critics offer nothing by Gardenia Hobbs – The Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: The Special Cs do not have to offer anything because they are just that special. They have nothing to offer not even common sense because if they had any they would think before they lie.

In the annals of history, there are many stories about African Americans who dared to take a stand for justice and equality and how they faced character assassination and even death at the hands of those who saw them as a threat to their way of life.

In these same annals there are also stories about betrayal by African Americans who would have been the beneficiaries. Sadly, not much has changed over time. The struggle for justice and equality continues, unwarranted criticisms rage on and betrayal still lurks among us.

Activist Martin Luther King Jr., with his nonviolent approach, and Malcom X, with his straight talk approach, advocated for the same thing and were assassinated for the same reason because they dared to challenge the status quo. The Rev. William J. Barber and Rev. Al Sharpton are demonized not because they mislead their audience but because their truth to power undresses the ills of injustice and inequality in a way that is unsettling for those who fear the loss of power. At this writing I cannot think of one African American activist spared misrepresentation of intent and purpose. Indeed, there are those among us who obviously believe they alone have a monopoly on leadership ability. (Read more)