I Am A Professional And Know How To Deal With All Kinds Of Folk Even Those Who Don’t Know Me And I Don’t Know Them

When they called me all kinds of names, I called them Ignant, Racist and Special C’s. They said C stood for all kinds of things but when I finally posted my definition they had already exposed who they are. What they say the C stood for is what they said they were and or I was saying they were.

But what they forgot or didn’t know is that I say what I mean and mean what I say. I don’t call folk by racist names and just call them racist. I know how to make them call themselves out or to act out who they really are.

But what tickles me the most is when someone read what the Special C’s have to say about me how do they be so ignant to join them saying I am talking about them and I don’t know them and they don’t know me but they say I be talking about them.

Folk you either know these folk from school, in passing and/or work with them.

Oh they said I have a small following. Well as long as they are following me, that is what matters.

I want one of them Special C’s and/or their Special Safe Black Friends to copy and paste where I have ever said I post for popularity.

Oh well, I mean oh hell!

I ain’t mad with nobody!

Sticks and Stones Tales of an Educated Debutante – My New Friend

Tales of an Educated Debutante

Sticks and Stones

I’ve grown pretty tough skin over the last few years. After all, I am a blogger and realize everything I write or believe will not sit well with some folks. That’s okay, we don’t have to agree and the world is better because we are different and don’t.

But what about name calling?

This week, I was called a “Special C” meaning Special Caucasian according to a man who writes in my hometown of Rocky Mount. We disagree on the efficacy of current leadership. Nehemiah Smith, referred to me as a “Drunken Debutante” in the last city council meeting and again, we differ on beliefs regarding employment aptitude both in the city council and the school system.


I still don’t get why being mean or calling someone a name strengthens an argument. To me, it undermines what one is trying to accomplish.

I have never been attacked as I was yesterday and by a person I have known most of my life.

I made a suggestion in a private group of Rocky Mount folks that rather than start a new summer camp, they could consider supporting the camps run there by the Boys and Girls Club.

It was just an idea, but Kip Meadows thought otherwise.

An affluent businessman, sailor, pilot and Rocky Mount native, took it upon himself to lambast me personally and yet, he never has taken the time to explain his position or how we differ. That would be logical.

When I suggested supporting the local Boys and Girls Club, he said this.

“For those of us who went to high school here instead of off to boarding school, moved back here instead of moving away, and live here, not 80 miles away, I think we can handle it. But thanks. It’s always entertaining to watch the productions, but we’re interested in more than selling views on a blog.”

Name calling is even more fun.

“Privileged, entitled, lily white girl, who doesn’t even live here, who has never lifted one finger for Rocky Mount.”

“Entitled dumbass.”

“I should never have justified her stupidity and narcissism with a response, but she needs to shut up and go back to Edenton and her supposedly landed gentry entitled existence.”

You know, I hope my actions speak louder than the way I was raised or the words I say.



Rocky Mount City Council Mayor David Combs Has Allowed The Public Comments To Get Out Of Control

imageClick On Photo To Watch Video

The mayor is in control over the city council meetings because he has the gavel. When it is time for public comments listen to what the mayor says before he calls the 1st person up to speak. But then look at what has been allowed. Now makes me wonder if the public was coming attacking him and/or the Caucasian members would he have allowed this to go on 2 times a month over the years.

Mayor David Combs has created an hostile environment during the meetings when he has allowed the public to attack Councilmen Andre Knight, Reuben Blackwell, the City Manager Rochelle Small-Toney and even myself. But when Knight and Blackwell respond to them it has been clear that the Mayor attempted to stop them but the public has been allowed to come up one behind the other and attack them.

During the meeting in this video see how Mayor Combs responded to a Special C male (not going to say a citizen) because it is clear that everyone speaking is not a citizen of Rocky Mount. One Special C female that said she was from Edenton and that seems to not be a problem as long as they are promoting what the attackers mission is. The Special Cs who attend the meetings monthly have complained about me not living in Rocky Mount.

Because Mayor Combs have allowed the attackers to have their way, Knight birthed the famous, “Don’t Blame Me” speech during one of the council meetings as one citizen came meeting after meeting talking about the same thing. Many folk and myself have told Knight that it has been passed due for a new “Don’t Blame Me” speech.

Because the mayor has allowed the meetings to get out of control look at what the public comments have come to. It is one thing to criticize the council but it is another to come tell lies and to attack the council, city manager and others.  The Special Cs attempt to make it appear that just because they have the mic that they have certain rights just because they pay taxes. But again all of them do not live in the city and/or the city limits. Some think that black folk don’t pay taxes.

imageAt the end of the Committee of the Whole Meeting Andre Knight asked the attorney what could be done. See the response to how the city will move forward. Click on 2nd photo to watch video.