Rocky Mount City Manager Findings To Be Shared Monday During The City Council Meeting

Rocky Mount City Manager findings to be shared on Monday evening, I trust and believe it will be in favor of Rochelle Small -Toney.

When you have all of these Ignant Special Cs and a couple of Ignant Safe Black folk trying to lynch and discredit Small-Toney, I know God is going to show favor on this lady who has had to deal with the deaths of her parents back to back within a months time. These folk had no respect for her while she was going through.

Folk come out and witness how those folk who have been attending the meetings acting like fools will leave agitated once again because these ignants have lost every fight thus far. I just don’t believe he will fail us this time and we will get the victory. But even if the report come back not in Small-Toney’s favor, what could happen? I believe if something is found, the only thing that could happen would be to put some corrective actions in place. I don’t believe it will be anything to be able to fire her since that is what these ignant have been calling for since December consistently. However they have been trying to give her hell every since she has began her career here in Rocky Mount.

Audits are to make things better. I believe Rochelle Small-Toney would welcome constructive criticism. We will see on Monday.

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