This Ignant Ass Special C Ann Boddie Got The Audacity To Send Me A Message In My Inbox

Ann Boddie

Ann Boddie

Ann Boddie

7 mutual friends including Ricky Parks and Jessica Jones

9:39 PM

Ann Boddie

Could you be any more racist ?? Keep your Comments to yourself. You are fueling the black & white card.


Ignant you don’t tell me what to do Racist!

You can now call each other and see information like Active Status and when you’ve read messages.

Ann Boddie

I’m ignorant ?? Really?

You are a fkng racist. I’ve seen your post. Don’t try & deny it. I’ll call you like i see you.

Don’t start a war you won’t win. I promise you that

Ann Boddie

you & Andre take your asses away from here. You won’t win. The ENTIRE county HATES Andre. It’s just a matter of time. Crooked is as crooked is

Seen by Ann Boddie at 9:54 PM


Got anymore to say to me get the hell out of my inbox and say it Publicly, I don’t play behind the scenes bullshit. Who in the hell do you think you are that you can send me an inbox telling me what to do? You can kiss my and Andre black asses! Now stay out of my inbox! 1st and final warning!

Ann Boddie

You messaged me dumb ass. Stay out of mine

Fk you & your racist ass. No one cares wtf you think & never will

Warning?? Oh I’m scared. Please. Don’t threaten me. You’ve met your match MF

Ann Boddie

I love how you are such a coward – you have it so no outsiders can respond to your post. 2 can play this game


Seen by Ann Boddie at Friday 11:26pm

5:42 AM

Ignant Ass Racist Special C follow the instructions to post on my page but your Ignant ass don’t want to do that because of White Privilege. I welcome comments so follow the instructions and I will be ready for your Ignant conversation. Start a post about me on your page and I will respond there. I will show you what a coward is. But you ain’t gonna keep responding in my inbox.

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