Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson This Racist Is Obsessed With This Black Man

Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson Welcome to the club! The gentleman from Pine Tops and/or Tarboro has convinced himself, with the help of others he’s the Great Wizard of Oz incarnate. Unaware the folks behind the curtain are goading him on to foment racism and desent to distract and divide the community. IMHO he is truly righteous in his indignanancy, oblivious he’s being used as a pawn. The racist troupe has been well identified as a smoke screen to squelch debate concerning progressive agendas. Racism, discrimination, white guilt, white privilege, along with xenophobic, homophobic, misogynist, patriarchal, and worst yet, capitalist, conservative, and/or classic liberal are all cudgels to silence any voice that challenges progressive goals. The double standards, and selective use of historical evidence of past discrimination are used to deflect attention from racial equity…that’s the new word for wealth redistribution. Or work force Housing the new term for public housing….that’s not public because they utilize 3rd party entities as partners…a new term for front BTW. Righteous indignation, rabidly espousing hatred, and unyielding allegiance to extreme theories has been utilized through history to silence opposition or worse.
My next rant will propound and pontificate on finer theories that social service organizations perpetuate poverty, and truly lifting people out of poverty threatens the livelihoods of those promulgating public service….how better to maintain and grow your clientele than to separate them from a sincere population that desire to end circumstances that keep them down.

Curmilus Butch Dancy II And this dude is an attorney. He tries to make a name for himself by trying to prove himself on the Human Relations Commission and got someone to appoint him to the State Human Relations Commission from another county. He is on the local Dr. King Commission and has been on the State. What an ass to serve in these capacities trying to act as if he give a damn about black folk. He has shown he don’t give damn about Hispanics and Latinos as well.

He also attempted to sway the conversations about the removing of the Confederate Monument that were held by the Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission.

And trying to sell himself to Moe Deloach and other black folk.

Tell us about how you became a lawyer.

This is why Stevie has an issue with me:

Rocky Mount Human Relations May 2019 Meeting

Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission Meeting My Final Meeting As A Voting Member 

Curmilus Dancy II Attempt To Address Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission March Meeting

Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission February Meeting

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