Husband kills wife, then himself in what family calls ‘mercy shooting’ – News4Jax

The Political Agitator’s response: But some white folk just don’t get it, they think that it is the Democrats and black folk fault that things are the way they are. They don’t want affordable healthcare but then look at what happens. It is just like some rich white folk who are not happen, end up killing themselves and sometimes their family. Folk this is just sad! Them today, could be you tomorrow because we are not our mind keeper and the pressures of this world may make you do some things. I pray that I stay in my right mind.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The sister of a man who killed his wife and then himself in a San Souci home Wednesday night said he did it because he couldn’t stand to see his wife suffer any longer.

Officers found the couple dead in their home on Goltare Drive about 3:30 p.m. when a man called 911 to report that he had shot his wife and was prepared to take his own life.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office won’t identify the victims, but family members said John and Gwendolyn Thombleson died in the home. The husband’s sister said after the wife had surgery eight months ago, her health began declining rapidly and she developed several health conditions, including dementia.

The medical bills were piling up, and neighbors told News4Jax that John Thombleson had said their insurance was expiring, leaving them no way to pay for the mounting expenses.

According to police, officers sent to the home made numerous attempts to contact the people inside but the attempts were unsuccessful. (Read more)

Wilkins to seek Ward 3 seat – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: I just read yesterday when Gwen was supporting the car wash being sponsored by Love Rocky Mount because obviously she thought they were going to accept her. After reading this article this morning I was waiting to see what kind of responses she will receive in the comments. Well I just received a screenshot of what they are saying about her on a page that I have been blocked. I wonder will she send that check now after seeing how her shouting out acting like them at the Rocky Mount City Council meetings supporting them don’t mean a damn thing because she is not the Johnny Cunningham kind a black. I figured when she unfriended me recently that she was up to something and didn’t want folk to see what I have to say about her because I tag her when I make a comment about her and it shows up on her page. Folk are ignant to that fact that folk follow my page even those who unfriend me because they can follow me until I block them from being able to see my page because my page is Public.

Gwen Wilkins has done just about everything in local politics except run for office.

That’s about to change as she plans to file for Ward 3 on the Rocky Mount City Council.

Wilkins has held several leadership positions in the Democratic Party at the national, state and local levels, including chairwoman of the 1st Congressional District, 1st vice chairwoman of the state party and chairwoman of the Nash County party. She served on the state MLK commissions for the city and state as well as the city’s Utility Review Board.

Wilkins committed to not taking a leadership position in her party at this year’s county and district conventions and said she will not hold a leadership position during her tenure if elected to the Ward 3 seat in October. (Read more)




See Gwen comments at the end of this article about the Car Wash LMBAO!

Car wash to fund beach trip See Gwen Comments

The Political Agitator Will Be Posting My Opinion Of Folk That Say They Are Going To File For Local Municipalities Upcoming Elections

I will, I repeat I will be posting my opinion about the folk who say they are going to file for local municipalities for the upcoming municipal elections in October.

What a real political engaged person understand is that everyone that seek office will be making decisions that will affect all folk even when one can’t vote for them. Once a candidate seek election and get elected, they will be voting on things that will affect folk beyond their ward, district or area from which they were elected.

All politics are local. I challenge folk to get involved as individuals and speak truth to power and stop waiting on others to be your voice. Speak up for yourself. Attend the Democratic Party meetings and hold them accountable for their actions. I hold all folk accountable black, brown, white and other. Last week the 1st Congressional District Convention was held in Edgecombe County and Senator Don Davis is the chair. I find it strange that we were not given any information about what is going on on the local, state and national level and then a couple of days later Sen. Davis voted against the Governor veto on a bill this past week.

I have been holding folk accountable since the late 80’s and I will continue to do so until the end.

Words Matter

Words Matter

If folk only hear negative things about you and you nor others around you are saying anything positive about you, then all folk will know is the negative. You can be quiet if you want to and think that what they are saying don’t matter.

But like the old saying sticks and stones my break my bones but words don’t hurt. Okay keep on being ignant because words have gotten folk locked up even for life over lives, words have kept folk from accomplishing some things and words have gotten folk killed.

But what tickles the hell out of me is when some folk say what folk say or think about them don’t matter but just watch what happens when it hit home. They are the 1st to speak up and want you to support them.

Words can be loving and words can be a killer.

Some things sound good but you need to think about some things before you like it. Don’t like it for who I am but like it for what the words are about. It ain’t about me.

The negative could be about me today but it could be you tomorrow.

Now CDII That!