WHIG-TV John Cheek Is A Damn Racist At It’s Best

I called in and told him and Wayne Hollomon they were doing a disservice when they get on the TV and talk about what is going on when they have no clue because they don’t attend meetings.

John said I accused the of doing something that I do that I make comments in my editorials and other that are not true. I tried to call back to get him to give me one example but you know they would not pick up the phone.

You see this is what power does. Wayne and John control the mic and can have the last say and that is what they get on TV and talk about how the Rocky Mount City Council respond to folk and on today what happened at the school board meeting last night because a new board member was told to learn about what is going on before trying to address the board. If that board member had questions he should have asked the questions among the board members before the meeting. But you see doing it the way the board member did makes it appear that the board member was trying to show somebody he was speaking for them. Well that could be done if done correctly and it do not have to be done publicly 1st. But that is what happens when you have a new member that need to learn the process.

I love watching them look at the phone when I tried to call back. I called and hung up but they let a woman call in and then I tried again and they wouldn’t pick up.

Oh now taking another call from Andre. Andre and the lady got John on his mess about throwing daggers when he ran against James Gaillard.


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