Enough Is Enough! Rocky Mount City Council Meetings

Another prime example of how Special Cs that think it is about White Privilege attended the council meeting attacking Andre and Reuben and then when they respond, these folk play victim.

These Special Cs come to meeting after meeting in the attack mode trying to discredit Andre and Reuben trying to get black folk to vote them out. They want to tell black folk who to vote for on those pages that they got me blocked from but they are talking about me there as well. Why? Because I am calling them out on my page and in the Telegram.
But then I have to respond to some black folk like
Grandmaz House, Gwen Wilkins and some others who come for me because I do what I do. Hell I do I what I do and you do what you do. I am going to continue to do what I do.

When are black folk going to say enough is enough and go to the meetings and speak like the Special Cs showing support for Andre and Reuben and then the entire council.
I understand some black folk are scared that they will be retaliated against in their workplace and some going after their children but I just don’t understand why black retired and folk that own their own businesses are silent.

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