The Real Definition Of A Special C

Several folk have told me to not tell what my definition of a Special C is. But the thrill is gone and I need to go ahead and tell it so I can move on to something new because that saying has gotten old but I will continue to use it forever.

I remember when I 1st heard Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II say Racist White Folk and Safe Negroes I knew I had to use it. These terms are used because I am not talking about all white folk and all black folk. I knew it would agitate those folk who felt guilty. What tickles me is how some folk took on the title saying I was talking about them when they were not even in the conversation. But most of all, I don’t know them and they don’t know me.

When I heard Steve Harvey say Ignant I knew I had to use it. I knew folk would come after me saying I can’t spell. I knew it would agitate the hell out of them.

But then after Ignant Racist White Folk began to call me things for example most recent a Shaved M. I have not thought anything about it because I never claimed it because I know who I am and whose I am so I have never questioned what a Shaved M is. Several folk black and white told me the M stands for Monkey. Actually when I mentioned it to Lindell John Kay the Rocky Mount Telegram Reporter he said it was Monkey. I asked LJK what did he really think a Special C is. He said a Special Caucasian.

It has been interesting to see how some white folk took the C and made it what they wanted it to be. It has been interesting to see how black folk especially those who know me to go along with the white folk.

What was more interesting is how folk that don’t know me put themselves in my conversations when I used Special C saying I was talking about them when I don’t know them and never heard of them.

Folk on this day Monday April 22, 2019 my official definition of a Special C is a Special Caucasian.


‘Grown and Sexy’ is all about marketing by Patsy Pridgen – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: Help me to understand. How do you get to pick and choose the week someone want to have an event at the Event Center? Wow! started out with a good message but for me ended up on a negative note to still justify why don’t want to even have it anytime. If that week was really the issue, then why say, “Maybe the new Event Center manager can determine the suitability of events to come.” I just don’t get it black folk can’t do anything without white folk approval. You worried about the wrong thing it ain’t the name of the event that you one need to be concerned about.

Life Columnist

Sunday, April 21, 2019

As a Rocky Mount resident, I was more than a little disturbed to see the name of the party booked for Good Friday at the Rocky Mount Event Center: Grown and Sexy.

Grown and Sexy? This didn’t sound like a wholesome sporting event or a family-friendly concert. Were my city tax dollars helping to fund a venue for an R-rated party better suited for a nightclub?

I decided to find out more about this gig and Googled “Grown and Sexy.” I found the advertisement for the Good Friday party —more about that in a minute — but I also learned that the phrase “Grown and Sexy” was not coined for this particular happening at the Rocky Mount Event Center.

To begin with, according to Urban Dictionary, Grown and Sexy is a dress code meaning “don’t even think of showing up at my function in baggy jeans, Air Jordans, platinum chains, bandanas and XXX white T-shirts.”

I’ve heard of dressy casual and country club casual, semi-formal and formal. I guess I can now add Grown and Sexy to my list. (Read more)