Edgecombe County Democratic Party Convention/Precinct Meetings Have Been Petitioned Former Chair Lawrence Taylor and Current Chair Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Being Challenged

I am tickled to death at the petition that has been filed against the Edgecombe County Democratic Party because I have challenged every convention meeting along with other meetings for the last 6 – 8 years asking for minutes, if had a quorum, treasurer’s report and more. Some in the meeting blamed me because of how the meetings and convention went because I was asking legitimate questions. I was even told that at the last Democratic Women’s meeting by Barbara Campbell Davis and Judith Moss. I was an associate member of the Democratic Women up until that meeting because I have not attended another one. I along with Sheriff Clee Atkinson was the only 2 males who paid our dues to be active members.

During the previous county convention before the one held last month when Lawrence Taylor was elected, I had to leave early and mess went down.

I attended a county executive committee meeting at the library that was not announced but heard about it at the board of elections meeting. During that meeting Lawrence Taylor former Chair stated in the meeting that folk said they were not coming to a “Nigger Meeting” and that was the one an only meeting that Attorney Jim Marrow attended. I didn’t attend the convention held a couple of weeks ago and when I heard that Rev. Higgs had put, yes put Attorney Marrow in the 2nd Vice Chair position and Marrow was not present at this meeting. I was like really? I said he has not attended any meetings so why.

I told the party how to file a petition against the former chair Lawrence Taylor last year but they wouldn’t listen. A petition was filed but it was denied because of the wording.

Well I am going to sit back and wait and see how this petition unfold. There are 18 signatures listed and I am not one of them.

I am glad to see these petitioners attempting to do what I tried to get them to do over the years.

The following is just a part of the petition filed.



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