Edgecombe County Focused, Always Have Been And Always Will Be

I am focused on local Edgecombe County Politics but not limited to.

I was born and raised in Pinetops. Since shortly after the flood of 1999 I have lived 7 miles out of Tarboro and 3 miles out of Pinetops.

I have worked in Rocky Mount at the Edgecombe County and Nash County line for the past 32 years. Where my job is located the back of the plant is at the line because the railroad tracks are dividing the county. Actually behind where I work is where the CSX hub is coming.

I got involved in the late 80’s joining Black Workers for Justice that used to be housed over where the Event Center is now, The Edgecombe County NAACP Rocky Mount Branch because Edgecombe County didn’t have an active branch at the time and do not at the present. I have resigned from more community organizations than most folk have been a member of because it was a waste of my time.

I became active so I could be a voice for the voiceless the young folk and the elderly. I will continue to be a voice.

I find it interesting that some folk are coming on board thinking they have figured something out when I have been there done that and fighting some of the same issues from back in the day. Yes I have seen a hell of a lot of progress made and been involved in the process, however it is a hell of a lot more progress that need to be made. I am going to continue to do what I do until the end.

I welcome folk whom want to get involved however again don’t act like you have figured something out with words because words without action and results means ab so damn lute ly nothing.

I welcome anyone that want to get into the action but I request you do your homework so you can make informed decisions when acting on issues and when it comes to people.

I hope everyone whom want to get in on the action can help make Edgecombe County a better place to live, work and play. But you need to keep in mind some things can be done individually and then collectively. Don’t think it is all about you.

I know my worth, know what I have done as an individual and collectively. It is documented in the minutes of the meetings across the county, the videos I have done and the archives of the local and some statewide media. I am TeamDancy however I work with others as well.

Remember the following when it comes to me. I am not in a popularity contest.

I am Unbought and Unbossed!

I am for justice no matter who it is for or against!

I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!

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