See How Lindell John Kay Lies in this Article “City panel reaches out to Latinos”


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See how the narrative was created in this article: “City panel reaches out to Latinos” by Lindell John Kay.

First of all it is funny how Lindell Kay attended his 2nd meeting ever of the Rocky Mount HRC simply because he was carrying out a member Attorney Steve Stevenson lead to attempt to discredit me.

During the March meeting the Latino community met with us and we had a great dialogue. This was Lindell Kay’s first meeting. We basically talked about what they wanted during the March meeting but Lindell Kay came to the meeting to focus on my appointment.

Lindell Kay said, “Latinos expressed apprehension when seeking help from police, Jones said, adding the commission could help by holding meetings in Latino neighborhoods to help them seek resources in the community.”

The following is why Steve Stevenson has a problem with me. Commissioner Steve Stevenson said the commission can’t ignore the fact that some of the members of the Latino community are undocumented. “Undocumented keeps coming up, that’s a fear factor right there,” Commissioner Curmilus Dancy said. As far as reaching out to the Latino community, the commission needs to let that community say how it wants to be approached. Dancy said he’s working to expand the commission. I be questioning Steve’s motives and he can’t take it.

Dancy said a police representative should be in attendance at the meetings whenever issues involving law enforcement are discussed.

I don’t know where the following came from but this is a familiar statement by some folk, “Wells said the commissioners can’t forget about the work in between meetings.

“Anybody who knows me knows there’s not a racist bone in my body,” Wells said. “Some of my best friends are black.”

The following is a lie because I was never asked to step down. Dancy — who was asked by the City Council to step down because he isn’t a resident of the city — said he feels like the commission failed him. He said he’s always been above board at meetings and a team player, but now that he’s off the commission people will hear from him.

“I don’t bother people until they come after me,” Dancy said.

Dancy said the Telegram has told lies about him. He said he had to call WHIG-TV during his lunch break at Honeywell to clear it up.

Again another lie because I didn’t say I called on my lunch break, I called during my morning break. I go to lunch around noon and the morning show is on from 7 am – 9 am if I am correct. So what was the purpose of naming where I work? That is because the motive has been to go after my job. You see this is why folk don’t get involved with politics because they will come after you.

The following is another lie coming from Lindell Kay, “The commission held a small party for Dancy after the meeting.”

As I continue to say my videos don’t lie but Lindell Kay hasss a problem when I say he lie, lie, lie.

Letter to the Editor: Racial understanding still elusive by Gardenia Hobbs – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: You did a great job on the HRC. I attended the meetings back then and that is when I 1st met you. We served on the Common Ground Study Circles together as well and I totally agree with your observation. You are ab so lute ly correct, “This town, like so many others in this country, appears to have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo when it comes to bridging the racial divide. We hear a lot of talk about working together but it’s just that, talk. To my knowledge, there appears to be no interest on the part of anyone or any group to pick up the baton and organize a coalition to initiate ongoing frank and honest community dialogue that would promote racial tolerance and understanding that leads to improved race relations.”

Not so long ago it would not have been unreasonable to view racism as a smoldering ember, but today that ember has again been reignited.

The mere mention of the word racism brings on an onslaught of denials and finger-pointing from those who apparently feel they are judge and jury. Racism is ingrained in this country’s fabric at every level and injects itself into everyday decision-making that may or may not spark unconscious biases. No matter how you slice it or dice it, racism is real, it exists and it is not a figment of the imagination.

As a person of color, longevity has exposed me to all kinds of racism. I know it when I see or hear it and I do not need an interpreter. Indeed, my upbringing has served me well. It has been the foundation on which I have persevered even in the worst of times. Over the years, in my effort to rise above talk, I have participated in initiatives intended to help bring about tolerance and understanding of the views and life experiences of others. (Rocky Mount Telegram)

I Did Not Step Down From Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission Another Lie Coming From Lindell John Kay Rocky Mount Telegram Reporter


Click On photo to watch video beginning at the time of the discussion about the NAACP Appointment.

This following is why one should attend the Rocky Mount City Council Committee of the Whole Meetings/Regular Monthly Meetings and/or talk to someone that was present but on top of that look at the video that I provide. But some folk will not take the time to look at the video to get the whole trues. It is easy for a reporter to write the narrative of what type of message and who he want to direct the message to.

The article a couple of days ago that read, “Commission member to step down” is misleading. I did not step down. I was removed from the HRC by the council. It appears that Councilman Tom Rogers was a force behind bringing the matter to the table saying he had received some calls. Councilwoman Lois Watkins said she had received some too.

When the discussion began Councilman Andre Knight responded and called my name but me stepping down never was mentioned.

See what Councilman Reuben Blackwell said about the role of the HRC.

See what Councilman Tom Rogers said about the nomination.

See what Mayor David Combs suggested.

See what Councilman Tom Rogers said about harmony. Now this was some b.s. coming from the white community because I have talked about Special Cs and Safe Black Folk on my blog and other social media sites. I am a grown ass 56 year old man and I know when to act a fool and I have never acted a fool in a HRC meeting.

Councilman Knight asked the attorney about the HRC going in Closed Session because an attorney that sits on the HRC Steve Stevenson called a point of order when I tried to speak to an agenda item: HRC Commissioners concerns during the March meeting. That was some more b.s. and I called them on it because I know he was out of order.

My appointment became a newspaper article after all of this time has gone by simply because I have challenged Lindell John Kay Rocky Mount Telegram Reporter and the white community that began the lynching process of the Rocky Mount City Council and the City Manager/Staff back in December. I would bet that Attorney Steve Stevenson told the white community and Lindell Kay that I was serving on the HRC so go after me. I already knew it was coming because I had already heard.

See the following leading up to me being removed from the HRC.

See conversations leading up to the movement of removing me from the HRC.

Click on Conversations.

This is just one of many articles I am going to show how Lindell John Kay has used the Rocky Mount Telegram to help the Special Cs and some Ignant Safe Black Folk to attempt to lynch certain black folk.

Folk you better get involved and follow the movement. It is all about RACE and Power!