Commission member to step down – Rocky Mount Telegram


Photos: Me & my guy Lindell John Kay Rocky Mount Reporter and Bronson Williams in the background tripping on us. This guy came up and seen me & my guy talking and said he had to capture the moment.

The Political Agitator’s response: My guy Lindell John Kay continues to show me how ignant works. During the meeting around a week ago at Edgecombe Community College about the Tarboro Street Affordable Housing Lindell said his wife told him not to write the Open Letter about me on the Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens Facebook page around 2 months ago but he did anyway. Lindell was mad as hell because I would not respond to him about my appointment on the council and I told him the NAACP and the Council will handle the situation. Bronson Williams was a part of the conversation at the college and we both laughed and said but you did the open letter after your wife told you not to anyway. Lindell said his children calls him Special C. He said he didn’t like me calling him that because it was negative and I said but if you say you don’t know what it means then how can you say it is negative? On Monday of this week I asked Lindell again so what do you think Special C stand for and he said I think it stand for Caucasian. This guy is dangerous when it comes to writing articles and everyone he interviews should be scared of how he lie in his articles. My videos don’t lie. I thought Lindell would have waited until I attended the council meeting on today before he did the story because he told me he couldn’t mention it in the article on yesterday if he chose to write about the CDC and the city. But then again writing about it today he get an opportunity to write about me again after the Human Relations Meeting on today. He continues to try to paint a negative picture about me and mentioning a commission member saying, “A member of the imagecommission said Dancy’s presence had a chilling effect at monthly meetings. The stated purpose of the commission is to promote understanding, respect and harmony among all people.” If I was to place a bet it would be Attorney Steve Stevenson because I have been handling his …. since I have been on the commission and many love it. You see I don’t play when I go into meetings because I act professionally and actually keep meetings on track per the agenda and procedures. My videos and audios of meetings prove that fact. Watch the video of the meeting that Lindell did this article on

Commission member to step down

The Rocky Mount City Council will appoint a replacement for a city commission member who doesn’t live in the city limits.

Curmilus Dancy, the Human Relations Commission’s designated representative of the local chapter of the NAACP, will continue to serve on the city’s commission until the NAACP can appoint a new representative at its next monthly meeting, the City Council decided during a Monday workshop.

Dancy has served on the commission for nearly a year. He’s a resident of Tarboro with a mailing address in Pinetops. The 13 members of the commission are required to live within the city limits, according to Section 2, Division 4 of the city’s Code of Ordinances, which established the commission.

Councilman Andre Knight, who is also president of the local chapter of the NAACP, said he spoke to Dancy prior to the meeting and he was willing to step down to avoid problems. Knight said Dancy was just doing what the NAACP asked him to do.

City Clerk Pam Casey said she accepted Knight’s recommendation for Dancy over the phone as it’s usually done for commission representatives of other organizations like the NAACP. Dancy’s nomination wasn’t reviewed by the City Council before he joined the commission.

City Attorney Jep Rose said the council could alter the ordinance to change the residency requirement, but he wasn’t aware of that ever having been done in the city’s history.

A member of the commission said Dancy’s presence had a chilling effect at monthly meetings. The stated purpose of the commission is to promote understanding, respect and harmony among all people.

Dancy operates a website and Facebook page on which he brags about being an agitator. He makes repeated references to white people being “Special C’s” and black people that he disagrees with are labeled “Safe Black Folk.”

Dancy stated online that he will continue to attend and record meetings.

Councilman Reuben Blackwell said . . . (Read more)

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