Rocky Mount NC – Video/Photos: Affordable Housing Tarboro Street Presentation by Development Finance Initiative (DFI) At The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Government

See what Gloria Wiggins Hicks, Stepheny Forgue Houghtlin and Lige Daughtridge along with some others had to say at this meeting. It is sad that some folk came to talk about the Event Center and some other. I have a serious problem with this because these are grown folk that are suppose to be intelligent but they went off script. Time was wasted while they talking about their own agenda. Some trying to speak for other folk.

Funny as hell Lige talked about the Crossing at 64 but where were these folk when Andre was trying to get Sheets to locate at the Crossing but nope Nash County has 2 Sheets.

Damn they talk about downtown not thriving but then they don’t want to see anything go there that this council bring to the table.

Last week A.B. Whitley talked about putting a damn fence around the housing if they put some downtown.

So Stepheny Forgue Houghtlin (Mainstreet Rocky Mount Blog) and Lige Daughtridge Community Council Facebook Page also announced running for a seat on the Rocky Mount Council, Linda Gilbert Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens Facebook Page, WHIG-TV and some others are working hard trying to discredit Andre Knight with their lies. The sad part is some black folk think what these folk are saying is true.

Folk you better research these white folk who are trying to choose who represent you. You better see what is in it for you but the main thing is what is in it for them. The answer is Control & Power for them.

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