When Somebody Transition All Hell Breaks Lose Sometimes

We have got to do better.

When someone transitions this is when you find out how close a family and sometime friends are. Let a member of the family transition and all hell will break lose sometime.

Let a family die and do not have a will and see how family members go after each other. However sometimes even with a will won’t make a difference because somebody going to still be mad.

If there is a will sometimes family will get mad because the deceased didn’t leave them what they thought they should get. Well damn that ain’t for you to decide, that was the decision the deceased made.

When there is no will family will get mad with each other as if they created the mess. The one to be mad with is the deceased if you want to be mad with anyone.

I have experienced some things dealing with folk when a family member transitions and it just make no sense how family get mad and quit speaking. You were living before this situation occurred so you will continue to live on.

Black folk including myself, it is time we get it together. We have got to do better.

It is sad that we all can’t just get along. If we can’t get along with family who we got. Yes we have friends but family.

But family!

We have got to do better.

One thought on “When Somebody Transition All Hell Breaks Lose Sometimes

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