Anita Eason Neicy Has Transitioned

As I think about my friend, my sister in law Anita Eason Neicy I think about when the carnival came to Pinetops years ago and set up by Piggly Wiggly she left with them.

I will never forget she called me and I went to Warrenton where the carnival was set up to pick her up. She was glad to see Pinetops.

Neicy would call me from time to time and leave a message on my house phone if my wife didn’t get the call. I would say Neicy call my cell phone you know I ain’t never home.

Neicy would always ask me how my wife was doing and the children and had I heard from my daughter her niece.

Neicy would call me to see how I was doing but most of all she would say she either talked to my dad or she had called and couldn’t get him. She was always checking on my daddy especially after he had his surgeries.

Neicy told me that I would always be her brother in law and we got along well.

When I heard Monday she was in the hospital I was going to see her on Tuesday but then I heard about her condition so I chose not to.

Neicy was a caring and loving person. She loved herself some Bigum and Moms. She loved her some T.T. I remember she called me when T.T. was getting married. I told her that T.T. had called me about videoing his wedding and I went to meet with him but he didn’t show up. I was going to video and take photos for him and charge him because of my friendship with his mom. You see her friendship, calling checking on my dad and me meant a lot. Everybody don’t do that and especially someone who are struggling with their own life situations. This is why I videoed some of their family events for free because of Neicy showing her love.

She loved other family members as well because she would talk to me about them as well.

In spite of all that Neicy was going through over years, I never heard her say anything about her condition. I never heard her complain. What a little bitty strong woman she was.

Neicy will truly be missed but never forgotten.


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