Human Relations Commission Listens To Latinos Concerns But Steve Stevenson Comments Though

The meeting was called to order by Linwood Williams. He entertained a motion to approve the minutes of the February meeting, it was moved and second but there was no vote.

Williams turned meeting over to Archie Jones the HRC Director to introduce our guest. Just before the guest was allowed to address the HRC I asked did we get a 2nd on the vote on approving the minutes and Williams said yes. I said did we vote and he said no. He said that was a point of order so we need to take a vote. Vote taken and moved forward.

Archie asked that we go around the room and we introduce ourselves.

The guest began sharing some of their concerns.

The guest shared that some of the females have experienced taking their children to school and getting stopped by the police. The females and their children may sit beside the road for hours and the vehicle my get towed because they do not have the proper documentation. They stressed that sometimes it is the lack of not knowing what they need to do and that they need to be educated on such. They want to connect with different folk such as law enforcement and other to be educated.

Steve Stevenson HRC member (an attorney), he stated that the reason why y’all may be stopped and your cars towed is because you are illegal. Steve said you are driving illegal and the cars may not be in your name and other. Cars may have fictions tags. Wow!

Last month when Archie brought it to the HRC attention that the Latino community wanted to come talk to us, Steve was getting into legalities about them being illegal and other. I stressed then that we will not get into the legal stuff because that ain’t what we are about. We just need to listen to their concerns.

The guest want a relation with other nationalities because they feel left out. They want a contact person that they can reach out to when problems arise such a direct contact with someone in law enforcement and elsewhere. They say they just want to talk but most important need to know who a contact person could be.

The guest shared some real good concerns.

I told them they need to invite the Rocky Mount Police and the Nash and Edgecombe County Sheriff Offices to come to them where they feel confortable like at a church or somewhere. I said I know the Edgecombe County Sheriff meet with the Latino community at a church where they feel comfortable. One of the guest said some others couldn’t be attend at 4 PM meeting because they were working. I said again that is why y’all should host the meeting and have it when it is good time for some others.

Archie introduced the guest to a Lt. of the Rocky Mount Police Department. The Lt. agreed with me that they should invite the police to come to them in their community. He gave them some numbers to call and his direct cell number.

One of the guest talked about how social media mess up things because of the way it is used. She say they hear things such as ICE but then when they call law enforcement to ask if anything is going on and the police said they have not heard anything but they see it on Social Media and it do not be correct information. When this false news get out the Latino community get uneasy. She stressed the need to have face to face communication with the police department.

The guest talked about how they just want to be accepted. They said they want to spend their money in the area but they drive to Raleigh now because that is where they feel comfortable.

I feel we had a great meeting. We talked about some suggestions in helping them to move forward.

Curmilus Dancy II



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