Definition of A Special C

imageA Special C is white folk who are racist.

So therefore I ain’t talking about all white folk as some would make it appear. What I can’t understand is how some white folk allow the Special Cs that come after black folk to let them make them look ignant by joining in with them without doing their own home work when they don’t know us and has never talked to us.

The Special Cs attend the city council meetings and use the Public Comments to tell lies and then some talk about calling for all to unite but then they leave the meeting and go right back to their social media sites and begin to lie again.

The Special Cs say us black folk who talk back to them are say we call them racist because they say it is because we disagree with them. But we have not asked them one time to agree with us on anything.

The Special Cs try to go after you by bullying us talking about wonder do our workplace know about what we are doing and also will retaliate against our children if they can.

The Special Cs has a problem with black folk FACT CHECKING THAT ASS so they try to do any and everything to discredit us.

In Rocky Mount there are a bunch of Special Cs posting on social media sites that are coming after black folk City Council, City Manager, some City Staff and some black folk in the community by spreading lies and continue to lie even after I and we have FACT CHECKED THAT ASS along with some others and the council themselves. They ignore the truth.

More to come because the Special Cs continue to rewrite my definition.

But there are some that become Super Special Cs that go above and beyond what the average Special C does. Rocky Mount Telegram Lindell John Kay, Keith Harris Former Fire Chief, Attorney Steve Stevenson Rocky Mount Human Relation Commission are on my list for now.

I ain’t mad with them though because, “I Have No Permanent Friends No Permanent Enemies Only Permanent Interest!”

So there you have it for now.

But the main thing is, please, please remember I am not talking about all white folk.

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