Tarrick Dinell Pittman Has Been Chosen By The Special Cs To Attempt To Unseat Andre Knight Because He Is Not A Safe Young Black Man

In response to, “Business owner seeks Ward 1 seat”

I can tell the following interview was probably coached by Lindell Kay and some Special Cs using certain words and phrases to critique to try to hit the right points.

I agree with Tarrick Pittman that Andre Knight is a good man and Andre and myself have our differences as well. Hell everyone should have some differences so that is a good thing. I agree some may not like him. I would say the majority don’t like him simply because they are listening to what the Special Cs and some Ignant Safe Black Folk are saying about him when they don’t even know him. I know that to be fact because I run into folk all the time that talk about the man and I say do you know the man? They say no. Tarrick is ab so damn lute ly correct you cannot take away from his years of service to the city. However that is bull when Tarrick says and the black community. What Andre has done not only been good for the black community but everyone benefits directly and/or indirectly. Some folk will not get that but you will get it when Andre begin his campaign.

Tarrick said he and Knight both want the best for the community and share some of the same beliefs. I hate generic statements especially when it comes to folk speaking about politics dealing with other folk lives. Andre has been in office so I know what he has done and continue to do but I am having a hard time trying to figure out what is it that Tarrick want to do and especially his beliefs.

The following statement, “I think my opponent will still have a valuable role in the community working with the NAACP.” Really? Goes to show that you have no clue about activism and the role of the NAACP because there are elected officials across the state and nation that are members of the NAACP and hold offices in the NAACP. That bull comes from the Special Cs having a problem with Andre being the NAACP President and they just mad!

I find the following to be ignant as hell.

But community activism hasn’t gotten much done in Ward 1 over the past 17 years, Pittman said.

“Just ride through Ward 1 and take a look for yourself,” Pittman said. “If your quality of life and your neighborhood is safer now than it was 17 years ago, vote for my opponent.

Tarrick tell us what took place in the Ward 17 years ago that you are referring to and then that could be answered, but to throw out generic bull is a play on words.

Tarrick said, “However, if you live in the real world and are looking to improve your community with bettertschools for your kids, safer streets and job creation through a focus on entrepreneurship and developing small businesses — then I’m your guy and would love your vote to make those things happen.”

Well damn 1st of all the schools have school board members and Rocky Mount has a black majority school board. Have you been to a school board meeting? I don’t remember seeing you at any that we attended nor have I heard or read you make any statements about the school board meetings over the years the NAACP has been involved.

Tarrick because of some Special Cs they had a big mess about Rocky Mount City Council giving money to the Nash-Rocky Mount School system. Andre and the councilmembers fought the group that stopped them from giving money.

The Chamber and other groups should be the ones to create entrepreneurship and developing small businesses because that is what they do. That is not the role of the city council.

Wow! I find the following to be too funny. Pittman said he’s running for City Council because he wants to make a difference in his community.

“I have thought about the idea of running for a few years now,” Pittman said. “I have lived on Woodland Avenue over the last year and have experienced first-hand the hardships that plaque Ward 1.”

Tarrick what have you done over the past year? Have you attended a NAACP meeting and shared your concerns? Have you attended the council meetings and spoke out on issues in your neighborhood? What hardships plaque the ward? Again the use of generic words.

Pittman said he’s lived across the street from the redevelopment Knight mentioned in last Sunday’s Telegram.

“I had a neighbor last year move in one of those beautiful properties — a hard-working single mother,” Pittman said. “A week after she moved in, her home was broken into. While I commend the council for their efforts, without getting a stranglehold on crime all that will go to waste.”

Damn the above statement bout a woman property was broken into I am trying to understand what the hell has that got to do with Andre? He didn’t break into her property. He is not a police to deal with the reaction because he damn sure couldn’t be proactive unless he knew that someone was going to break into the property.

Drugs, crime, prostitution and gang activity plague Ward 1, Pittman said.

Drugs, crime, prostitution and gang activity plaque all wards and if an issue not only in Rocky Mount. So why in the hell did you move from Ward 3 if you have such a damn problem with what is going on in Ward 1?

“Where we have made some tremendous gains in downtown development over the years, which I support, we cannot forget our neighborhoods are in dire need of help,” Pittman said.

Ward 1 is predominantly black.

“It is important that we invest in ourselves and our communities,” Pittman said. “This is why black entrepreneurship is important. I have been talking with developers and investors over the last year about ways we can promote and develop a greater presence of black-owned businesses in Ward 1. Not just downtown, but all along the Raleigh Boulevard corridor. These are black neighborhoods and the goods and services should be controlled by people that look like them. I shouldn’t have to by my hair care products from someone that doesn’t have hair like me. We should be selling the products.”

So what in the hell does Andre have to do with the above you mentioned? I read on Facebook last night where you posted that you looked at the North Carolina and Duke game at your sister’s Wing business in Raleigh and you are trying to get her to move into Ward 1 in Rocky Mount. Really, so that is the problem solved one business and that will create how many jobs?

Tarrick Andre has been working with others especially Joyce Dickens who has been trying to make the development happen off of 64 highway by Bo Jangles. Well with the growth all around that area, I see the fight Joyce, Andre and others have been fighting for will become a reality soon because that is a prime location between the Event Center and Kingsboro Empire where QVC and Kanban are located now but with the Tire Plant, Corning and other is coming it is about to get real in Ward 1. You ain’t ignant you see it coming.

I am trying to figure out what the hell you are talking about when you say, “Such a set-up would keep revenue in Ward 1 and help with the high unemployment rate, Pittman said.”

“It will also give the people of Ward 1 a sense of pride to be able to control the goods flowing through their community,” Pittman said. “This will give young people an opportunity to see someone like them running a business, which will hopefully inspire them to do the same.”

Damn this is not the role of the city council. That bull is a play upon folk intelligence because that ain’t nothing but talk. Tell us what councilmember over the years have done the above as a council member. For example, Reuben Blackwell is the E.D. of OIC but to say that because he is on the city council that is why he is doing what he do as it relates to what a damn great job he is doing with OIC would be a lie. My point is what he is doing at OIC don’t have a damn thing to do with his role on the city council.

Pittman said he wants his entrepreneurial endeavor to be a blueprint for young black business owners. Pittman has ran his computer repair shop on the Douglas Block for six years. He’s president of the Downtown Merchants Association and also serves on the city’s Central City Revitalization Panel.

Tarrick I hear some things about Computer Geek but I will not go there. So what have you done being President of the Downtown Merchant Association and serving on the city’s Central City Revitalization Panel? How many jobs have you created within your business and outside of your business?

“We need more shopping centers, stores and restaurants in Ward 1,” Pittman said, “in all of Edgecombe County Rocky Mount.”

For far too long, Ward 1 residents have seen businesses leave the community — never to return.

Damn to make it appear that Andre have not spoken out about businesses coming to Ward 1 is too ignant. But as a city councilman he has no control over business coming and businesses leaving. How many businesses have you brought downtown and how many have you kept from leaving?

“You can’t expect a community activist to recruit small businesses in your community,” Pittman said. “If they won’t come to us, we must create our own.”

Damn Tarrick has contradicted the role of community activist as it relates to recruiting small business and saying if they won’t come to the area, then must create our own. Damn what have he created because he damn sure ain’t going to create it through the city council.

Pittman said that for far too long, city residents have given the county line — and people who choose to use it — too much power in defining the community.

“I choose to see it as what binds as together,” Pittman said. “We are one Rocky Mount.”

Damn one Rocky Mount. Now that is about as ignant as it get. The Rocky Mount Telegram, Community Council, Fighting Crime, Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens, Rocky Mount Way Back Then and some of these Special Cs social media pages remind folk daily that it is no such thing as a One Rocky Mount. Lies are being told every day 24 – 7. You are contributing to them with this mess right here helping them to push their agenda.

If black folk in Ward 1 fall for this mess right here, then they may as well get ready to have no voice on the city council because while you are working on your and the Special Cs agenda they will have no hope.

Black folk in Ward 1 y’all better stay woke. You better recognize what is going on how the Special Cs are trying to get Andre Knight out of Ward 1 so they can take Rocky Mount back. You see they can’t pick up the phone and make a phone call and tell city hall to do this and do that. They have no power over what goes where in the city. It is all about holding Edgecombe County right where they are and economics.

The Special Cs know that Edgecombe County Ward 1 is about to take off and they are trying everything they possibly can to keep black folk from getting anything because they act as if they are the only ones paying taxes.

I know the story because I have been working in Rocky Mount for the past 32 years. I have been following Rocky Mount Politics, Edgecombe and Nash Politics since the late 80’s and I will challenge anyone when it comes to what Andre has done before he became a councilman and what they say he ain’t done since he has been speaking truth to power and making things happen.

Common sense should tell you that if he was not doing something they would not be trying to unseat him. You don’t bother folk who ain’t doing anything. Andre is doing some things but it ain’t what the Special Cs want him to do and that is to keep black folk right where they are.

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