Attorney Steve Stevenson Says, “Some Information on the Human Relations Commission, and my opinion on recent articles and “open letters”

I find Attorney Steve Stevenson’s following conversation to be quite interesting, “Some Information on the Human Relations Commission, and my opinion on recent articles and “open letters”  (which I can’t directly respond to . . . oh well).”

The following was sent to me because I was blocked from being able to see the Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens Page. But the Open Letter is on my Blog, Facebook Page, Linked In and Twitter pages but he knew that I couldn’t read and respond to him on this page.

Someone sent me the following today but they said it was posted a couple of days ago.


Me: So why are you terribly disappointed? I strongly feel that is because you have a problem with me challenging you, something I have done since being on the HRC. I responded to you months ago during a training when you made a comment about black boys being shown favoritism in the courtroom. I said just like white boys used to get it when the D.A. and other were white but now that we have a black DA and other you have a problem.

Thanks for confirmation that you shared your observations and provided recommendations to anyone who wished to consider them. I have no problem with that but only if based on trues in which I seriously doubt. But since I don’t know the conversation, I can’t challenge it but I bet you I could tear it the hell up if I knew.

You speak to the Commission was formed prior to the 1968 Civil Rights Act and … since your friend Keith Harris spoke to that in a post, I bet money that you were the source for that information going out but you used him to get your message out there. I have no problem with that. But I am just trying to figure out your point.

Me: You say you have served on the City HRC since 2003. I attended many meetings back in the 2000’s and folk talked about your role then how you were a piece of work. I attended the meetings and seen you in action. Been hearing about how you continued to be a piece of work over the latter years as well.

Now I find the following to be really, really interesting. You say, “of course Mr. Dancy’s appointment has concerned many on the Commission, myself included.” I addressed the Commission and no one, I repeat no one responded. If I had received a response I would have addressed the issue more in depth during that time but I was under the impression that it was okay that I could serve as the NAACP designee and my physical address was not going to be an issue. Anyone that knows me, know that I am about policy and procedures and that is why I addressed the HRC.

I unaware of the concerns being shared with the officials.


Me: So thank you for validating that the issue is the b.s. stemming from the issues with the City Manager.  You damn right you know me from attending the HRC meetings back in the 2000’s but you also know me from WNCR-TV where you worked and I was at the station several days out of the week. You had issues with your reporting back then that I challenged you as well.

You are ab so damn lute ly correct I am a skilled political operative and deft with my ability to champion what I believe is right. I must admit I had to look up deft because never heard it before. This is what I found via Webster: accomplished with trained ability, characterized by facility and skill. Well sir I got this by putting in the time and energy being a self proclaimed community activist and a political activist. I consider myself a professional and will challenge you (an attorney) and anyone when it comes to community and political activism. This my friend is why I am not liked by many in the white community and labeled as a racist and the black community labeled as militant. That can attribute to me being Unbossed and Unbossed. I am for Justice No Matter Who It Is For Or Against. And another one of my philosophies, I Have No Permanent Friends No Permanent Enemies Only Permanent Interest.

Sir you say, “I am deeply disappointed he has decided to abandon the mission of the City HRC. In his opposition to concerned citizens, particularly in the manner of his divisive overtones and personal attacks.”

I have not abandoned the mission of the City HRC as you call it instead of referring to it as the Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission. You see as usual y’all play games with words and I specialize in code words and code names. Please share one incident during a HRC meeting that I didn’t following the mission of the HRC. I repeat, the problem again is because I ain’t the normal black man that you are used to when it comes to meetings. Since I have been on the HRC, you have seen how professional I am in meetings. Y’all learned that I don’t play during meetings, I keep the meetings on track and stress that we can get in and get out in a timely fashion when staying focused. You learned that I am not afraid to challenge you although you are an attorney, nor anyone when it comes to following the agenda and the conversation during the meetings.

You sir manipulated the Confederate Monument meetings with your personal and I feel somewhat from an attorney standpoint when we had the series of meetings. I chose not to participate because I knew that if I knew the focus would have been on me and what I had to share. I just observed. You know and the others know I didn’t agree with the hiring of the consultant who was black because I felt that we could have handled the discussions around the confederate monument in a different way. But you talked about it from your personal standpoint and from an attorney standpoint in my opinion which I feel drove the conversation and some of the folk were following your lead.

Steve I will not allow you and your Special Kind of C friends to attempt to discredit me, black folk and other folk when I know that lies are being told. I have been counteracting the lies over the years. I will not allow folk to call me out of my name and I do not respond. When they call me out of my name then I am going to respond likewise. Your friends use all kinds of words but then when I use some choice words, y’all have a problem. Hell I am a grown ass 56 year old man. I say grown folk stuff but I know when and where to say it. I will not take on a title that I can not be myself. You confirmed that I have been me for years now so therefore I LMAO when I read the comments because these Special Kind of Cs make it appear that I just began doing what I do since the y’all have come after the city manager.

imageThe following video shows how I operate in meetings and you sir I feel didn’t take well my challenging you about the immigrants discussion.

I will end with the video and to view it click on the photo.

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