An Open Letter To Attorney Steve Stevenson So You Get To Choose What Is Racially Motivated Just Because You Are An Attorney?

Funny as hell the attorney post this mess on the Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens page where they can control how black folk respond but allow white folk to say and do whatever the hell they want to but they say they are about what is right. B.S.!

I’ve commented and followed comments on most of the post here. I believe those on the side of concerned citizens need to take a deep breath and consider what you put in print before hitting send. First and foremost, the problems, issues, and concerns expressed have never been racially motivated, but the complaints have been deflected by treating them as racist.

Me: Really Mr. Attorney. Just because you are an attorney you get to choose what folk feel is racially motivated. Oh hell no. And you suppose to be an attorney ain’t no damn way you could represent me. Ain’t a damn thing been deflected but the lies ya’ll tell without giving the folk facts. Hell yeah it is racist because ya’ll Special C’s think ya’ll can talk negative about black folk and we suppose to accept it and not respond. When we respond we got to be racist. I am so glad I know you and you know me.

Don’t fall into that trap, while most of the antagonist in this matter happen to be minorities, it’s not their race that’s the problem, it’s their ideas, beliefs, and goals that many disagree with.

Me: This is about as ignant as it gets especially coming from an attorney.

Without researching it’s fairly common knowledge most of our minority population own very little real property, in comparison to corporations, governmental agencies, and white citizens. Personal property values are at about the same ratio of ownership as well. Our minority majority population and their leaders want parity in that ownership, and utilize Grant’s and property taxes to achieve that end. The general opinion in that thinking is if its “for us” it’s basically ours. If you discount corporate tax payers, the 38% white population likely pays nearly 60% of the balance of city taxes….the 62% minority population likely pays the other 40% ( figuring 25% of total population of Rocky Mount is under fed poverty levels and our minority population likely makes up the bulk of that 25%).

Me: All of that but incorporate how black folk have had property taken from them dating back to slavery. I was told that areas such as Candlewood where majority of white folk live in the area used to be owned by black folk but that property like so much other that was taken away from black folk, white folk prospered. I could name other areas as well. Want to tell the story, tell the whole story.

So the concerned citizens problem is rooted in how our city manages that disproportionate tax contribution, and the manner in which our council and like minded management have determined where that money should be spent.

Me: The problem is it was okay when white folk were in control because they controlled where the dollars went and now that the council is a black majority long before Rochelle Small-Toney came here, ya’ll just been mad because you no longer control where the monies are spent. You see ya’ll used to could pick up the phone and say spend the money here and there but ya’ll can’t do it with the black majority council.

I remember during the time when Andre Knight and Chris Miller were running for a seat on the council I was at a meeting at the Church of the Good Shepherd in a Common Ground Meeting when a white male said that the white community said if the council become a black majority they would move out of Rocky Mount. The council became a black majority and they been mad every since.

The constituents that live in the minority majority Wards support the current methods of expenditures because it directly benefits that demographic. Aggressively pursuing that agenda in the city naturally increases the sphere of influence of our current council leadership. Their choice of city manager and turn over of city employees furthers that agenda with the hiring of more like minded employees. This is a progressive agenda apposed to a conservative agenda.

Me: This is what the majority white council and the white department heads did when they were in control. But now that roles are reversed ya’ll can’t handle it. I now the history because I have been following Rocky Mount politics since the late 80’s.

This is a clash of ideology not race….it just happens that in this case the progressive agents of change happen to not be white. It has been an effective defense of progressive actions to label opposition as racist….it does several things, it chills open dialogue, it inflames some who revert to personal attacks that can be racially tinged, and it lowers the level of discourse.

Me: This is some b.s. because again I know the history. It is all about RACE and I don’t give a damn how you try to twist it. Hell yeah the opposition is racist. The problem is ya’ll just can’t get over the progressive change that is taking place and it is under the leadership of a black majority council and black department heads. Oh ya’ll can make personal attacks but black folk are suppose to just take it and not respond to ya’ll. Oh hell no!

Remember that old country saying, “Never get in the mud fighting with pigs, it lowers you to their level, they love the mud, and they beat you with experience. I counsel all to keep the matter on topic, ignore the racial accusations, avoid returning personal attacks, and if you get exasperated find a few friend, privately commiserate off line, take a deep breath, and come back to the debate on the side of what you believe is right.

Me: Oh so now black folk who are speaking out against ya’ll b.s. are pigs. Now this is from an attorney’s point of view. Black folk are going to continue to respond to ya’ll racist so ya’ll continue to attempt to make black folk the racist all ya’ll want but it does not make it fact. You tickles the hell out of me talking telling your Special Cs to avoid returning personal attacks when damn ya’ll are the ones who created the mess. It is one thing to hold the black majority council and the other blacks accountable for their actions but damn ya’ll just lie, lie, lie throwing out accusations without backing it up with facts.

As of the moment all of the b.s. ya’ll have thrown out name one thing that is factual and can be proven. Damn I love the following, :take a deep breath, and come back to the debate on the side of what you believe is right.” Act on the damn facts but you can’t because you have nothing but allegations and lies. You as an attorney ought to be better than this but nope you are part of the problem.

The council has to know the city needs the concerned citizens tax money, our economic impact, and the jobs, businesses, and capital invested….. we’re the ones subsidizing all the public expenditures for most of the citizenry.

Me: Damn I can’t believe you would go there but then again I know you so I expect all of what you are saying coming from you. Hell the ones with the most property, the most income and the most of everything ought to do more. Damn some things just ought to be common sense. But it appears that in the world today, folk want to make it seems as if competent, intelligent, caring, willing qualified and experienced black folk ain’t capable of doing the job

They cant afford for many more folks to pick up their marbles and leave, regardless of race. Take the high road, dont return insults with insults, and dont get in the mud.

Me: I find this to be too ignant, because folk leave and new folk come all the time. You say don’t return insults with insults. Well damn it is ya’ll who start the insults but when black folk respond, then ya’ll play games and try to make it look like the black folk started the b.s. Damn ya’ll are the ones slinging mud and black folk are going to get all up in it and support the the black majority council and department heads when as long as they do their job.

This change hasnt happened overnight, its crept up over nearly 20 years, the hiring of RST and subsequent management has shone a light on their agenda, which likely wasn’t intended….but this isnt racial, its ideological….any other way you look at it drags everyone into a cesspool of unending accusations of long ago misdeeds and suffering by people long dead and gone. Nobody on either side of the current issues can or will atone or forgive those past transgressions.

Me: Steve you are ab so damn lute ly right! This has been around 20 years when the council became a black majority and ya’ll been mad every since. What about the black council majority council’s agenda because ya’ll act as if there are not 3 other council members who just happens to be white along with the white mayor. The mayor stated at a recent meeting that he has not had to break a tie so therefore that means that this council has been consistently working together. However I didn’t have to wait for the mayor to say that because I have been following the council before it became a black majority.

Again this whole damn mess is RACIAL and you can continue to say it ain’t but it do not change the fact. Well damn ya’ll are the ones who are the damn racist but in denial, too ignant to understand ya’ll are racist and/or ya’ll just going to be racist and don’t give a damn because ya’ll are going to try to continue to try to dress up ya’ll b.s. as if ya’ll ain’t about that life. This mess right here is fact, your working is proof.

Because ya’ll get mad when black folk bring up 1898 and how things were when it was a white majority, ya’ll can’t handle the truth. Well ya’ll may as well get the hell over it because this is a new era.


Note: I serve on the Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission with Steve and this is one of the reasons why they don’t want me on the HRC because I ain’t scared to challenge them.

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