Can’t Fathom Slavery – A Good Read!

Forwarded this from my brother’s page, this is damn good.
Robert Bynum

I can’t even fathom slavery I can’t imagine my ancestors being whipped, sold like animals, raped and hanged, made to work from sun up to sun down fingers bleeding in your killing fields simply because of the color of their skin. Being called a nigger or boy or a nigger boy. My mind just can’t conceive such savagery. No HUMAN being could have done such vile and vicious things to other people, and yet it happened. Do you realize how sick and depraved an individual had to be to heap such evil upon mankind. Had history not recorded it so vividly I’d think it was the biggest lie ever told. Now I’m supposed to be free. Except if you wave a flag or recite a pledge that was sewn and written respectively long before you ever gave a damn about me as a human or a black man, and I don’t comply with your ritualistic demand to stand you’ve got the audacity to pretend like you don’t understand, like I insulted you. You call me a son of a bitch and demand I be fired. I would submit to you that the more things change the more they stay the same. I suppose I owe this country some degree of loyalty you did allow me to stay here after my people finished building it. And you’ve even done all you could to show remorse and repentance for the inhumane way your forefathers treated mine, right? I should be grateful. STOP! THINK! I honestly believe I might never heal, the wounds in my soul are gaping. You persecuted my people for more than 400 years, even if humanity and humility don’t exist in you, long suffering has to. At least now we suffer together by God’s grace.There in lies my Audacity of Hope.# Humbly submitted.

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