Warren Daughtridge Mentioned Me At The Rocky Mount City Council Meeting, But Sent Me A Friend Request After The Meeting Two Weeks Ago

The Gate Keeper’s response: These Special C’s never seem to amaze me. I was told that Warren Daughtridge mentioned me during his public comments at the meeting on Monday when he spoke to the C’s as one individual calls us. Damn really?

I found it interesting that Warren sent me a Friend Request on Facebook after he spoke at the Rocky Mount City Council Meeting 2 weeks ago. I didn’t speak but the Special C’s got to see who I was up close because I was videoing over where the majority of them were sitting. I normally video from the other side of the room. I accepted his request because I have no problem with dude. Now dude has tickled the hell out of me as he spoke about who he was during the meeting 2 weeks ago and then after reading about him on his Facebook page that he has not expressed his concerns to me about what Special C stands for. So damn how do he says it is divisive when he don’t know what it stands for. Now that is too ignant.

I visited Warren’s Facebook page to see if he had posted the following on his page but I didn’t see it. Wow! He took the time to post it on the Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens page knowing that I was blocked from that page because I responded to the Ignant Special C’s over there that post about myself and other black folk and then when I respond I am the racist. Ain’t that something.

I don’t have to be on the Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens page because they follow me. So when I talk about them, they will see it even those who have not sent me a Friend Request. But some follow my blog as well because it is a Public Page and all they have to do is follow me so they can get what I post.

I love punk ass men who ain’t man enough to get their messages to me directly or indirectly. When I don’t have a contact for a person I do an Open Letter on my blog and that way if they don’t see it, somebody will send it to them.

I am transparent and don’t hide behind code names and code words. I say what I mean and mean what I say.

Now Run & Tell That!



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