Changing The Rules

They always changing the rules, once we learn the system they want to change it.

The system works when you work the system. Some of us are damn good at it and that is what pisses them the hell off.

Well! They may as well get the hell over it because some of us know how to work it and stay legal.

Letter to the Editor: “Who Are The Real Racist?” Rocky Mount Telegram

I find the following letter, “Letter to the Editor: Who are the real racists?” to be quite interesting. Read it for yourself.

Wow! What a waste. I am going to just respond to this part,

“It appears that racism is alive and well at City Hall as any question or complaint about the city manager or her practices by any white person is met with insults by certain members of the City Council. When you consider that the manager has been engaged in the inefficient, wasteful and very questionable exercise of her duties such as hiring friends at exorbitant salaries and allowing one of them to live out of state while reportedly costing the city thousands of dollars by failing to do her job, it is understandable and perfectly reasonable to make inquiries and complaints about the manager’s ability to do her job or her intentional malfeasance. For certain individuals to rudely attempt to disparage those questions as racism simply because they are voiced by whites speaks volumes about where the real racism resides and who the real racists are.”

Me: It appears, really! Yep you have a problem because they brought up 1898 about how white folk took over Wilmington. That is real and the same is going on in Rocky Mount, some white folk trying to take back the council since it is no longer a white majority. Fact!

Me: When you consider. Really! Accusing City Manager of mess that has not been proven. Talking about the manager ain’t doing her job. Really! Prove your damn point and maybe a black man like myself will approve of your mess but until then, it is only mess. Fact!

Me: Certain individuals. Really! You mean Blacks on the council. Damn just say it. Oh if you say it a certain way, dress it up that makes you not a racist. This post is all about you talking about black folk, City Manager, City Council and other. You see when you talk about black folk you are talking about me and other black folk better recognize. You say rudely. Really! Because black have no problem with addressing white folk intelligently and interjecting historical facts, ya’ll have a problem. Some black folk ain’t scared to talk to white folk straight up about race when you have some that play it safe. If speaking truth to power as a black man is racist, then ya’ll will live a restless and miserable life in the last days. God said, not the black man but one day the 1st will be last and the last will be 1st. Some folk don’t know  place they are in, some folk are in denial and some folk just don’t get it.

Well some black folk know our place.

Rocky Mount Haters!

Asking for me.

If the truth was to be made known, I wonder how many whites were made department heads, fire chiefs, police chiefs and other before this city council and this city manager that were handpicked and didn’t meet the qualifications?

Word on the street is that some staff members are talking about how some folk were made department heads and didn’t meet the qualifications, were just handpicked. It is believed that when the new City Manager Rochelle Small-Toney came in and it was made obvious with her management style. So what happens then? Folk get uncomfortable and begin to leave and/or become disgruntled.

Well we will never get some things first hand because most of the time employee issues are personnel issues. I am so glad I am not ignant enough to not understand what could be. Now, don’t get it twisted because I know some folk may not be qualified when they get a promotion, however it is up to them to learn the job and to be the best person for the job. Some folk know they ain’t qualified, take the job and do ab so damn lute ly nothing.

When I mentioned Keith Harris Retired Rocky Mount Fire Chief on my social media sites that he only had a 2 year degree and didn’t live in the city when he was the chief, he responded on his page and confirmed what I said to be true. However, Harris talked about all that he did while the chief. Well I didn’t say anything negative about the man because I don’t know the man.

Harris presented some good stuff and that is great because that goes to show that if given the opportunity to do a thing, then it is up to one take control of where they go while doing a thing. Obviously reading all he did, he did well. But what about other folk that do not take the necessary steps to make the best out of a situation.

Wow! Off topic. Reminds me of Rev. Roosevelt Higgs and Rev. Lawrence Taylor both of these jokers held the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Chair position for 2 years and did ab so damn lute ly nothing. Oh both of them live in Rocky Mount and neither work a real job so they can’t say they live here and work there.

Back on topic, folk you better do your homework and stop being lead by folk talking a bunch of noise as if they are concerned about poor black folk. They don’t give a damn about you and all about what they can gain for themselves. Talk to them yourself and/or say something that they disagree with and see that you get the same treatment that I do. Try it!