Me a racist? Ignant Maybe But Not A Racist!

I don’t care what folk say about me because I have no control over what other folk think so I don’t lose any sleep.

A couple of months ago while training on 3rd shift I was at home around 6 PM I seen Linda Tharrington Goines post she was at the hospital in Greenville with her husband. She said they had been in Farmville all day before they transferred him to Vidant in Greenville.

Linda posted she needed a ride to Tarboro to get her car so she could refresh and go back to Greenville to be with her husband.

I responded I will come and get you if no one else comes. She said come. I had to take a shower. I said if someone comes before I get there, just let me know and I will turn around.

It was raining and actually I was trying to limit my traveling because I was in the process of ordering some tires.

I picked up Linda and she wanted to stop by a hot dog place and I even let her eat in my car.

I took Linda home downtown Tarboro and she didn’t give me a dime for gas. But I do what I do out of the goodness of my heart.

I then went back home in Pinetops which is Tarboro 7 miles from Tarboro and 3 miles from Pinetops. I went to work in Rocky Mount at 11 PM.

Some folk would say you are too ignant to go to Greenville and pick up a white female, her husband in the hospital and take her anywhere. But I see her as a woman. Now don’t get it twisted because I am not colorblind and ab so damn lute ly know that white and black are 2 different colors.

So when the Special C’s try to discredit me and lie on me all I do is Stand!

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