I Validate Me!

Ignant Safe C’s and Ignant Safe Black Folk think that I need folk to validate what I say and do, you better understand I have no problem with standing alone.

Don’t get it twisted that because I don’t get a lot of Public Likes and Amens that I will go away. Not, I do what I do because it is not about you and me but about me and him.

So back to what I do daily fighting the good fight for the least of them.

Now Run and Tell That!


Rocky Mount NC – See What Patsy Pridgen And Others Are Saying About Rocky Mount City Council, You Better Follow Social Media

Folk are always sending me information about what is on other social media sites and recently I have been receiving messages telling me to visit this Facebook page. It tickles the hell out of me how these folk make their own story out of the newspaper story.

I find the text in the post, “Questions For Rocky Mount City Council” to be quite interesting. I don’t need to go into detail because you can read it for yourself.

See what they are saying on the Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens page. See who are commenting.

Others sites you better follow are Whig-TV, Fighting Crime, Community Council and 252HoodNewzz (that has me blocked because I said they should not be posting about roadblocks). I normally don’t visit the sites until someone send me a link to go look at what they are saying especially when they or talking about me.

If there are other sites please share them.

Folk you better follow these pages because not only are the racist white folk there but you have some black folk who follow these pages faithfully. Some of these black folk are feeding them information.

Folk ya’ll better wake up because there is a movement to take Rocky Mount back. It is about race and economics. These folk are mad because of the majority black council. They are mad that they don’t control the money and control what goes where and most of all they can’t control these black folk. They only black folk they are controlling are the ones in the street who are feeding them while they are getting nothing out of the deal.

imageWho is this guy?