Rocky Mount NC – Sources Told The DCN Some History About Keith Harris Former Fire Chief Who Is Waging A Negative Campaign Against The City Of Rocky Mount

Sources tell The DCN that Keith Harris former fire chief of Rocky Mount did not have a 4 year degree when he was made fire chief. Sources also say that he never moved into the city limits of Rocky Mount while being the chief.

Sources say Harris has been posting on his Facebook page and other pages such as the Community Council, Fighting Crime and other information about the Rocky Mount City Council as it relates to the drama surrounding the City Council, City Manager and others.

As I have stated in the past when white folk had the power they used it and now that black folk got the power they just mad.

Folk it is not all about the folk holding the offices in Rocky Mount, it is the good ole boys and girls fighting to “Make Rocky Mount Great Again.” I see on one of the pages mentioned above the hats they had made and had also spoke about wearing them to the past city council meeting. These gobs&gs want the power back because now they can’t just pick up the phone and make things happen like when white folk were the majority on the council. It is about dollars and sense. Oh some black folk got some sense and we know what is going on.

It amazes me how the gobs&gs have a problem with black folk buying property but over the years that is what white folk did. I remember when some white men that used to be on the Edgecombe County Commissioners bought up some land. Today we have a QVC and other because of these guys being in high places.

This mess about Councilmen Andre and Reuben should have not voted on certain things in the past and going into the future is just crazy. These guys can vote on anything that they do not benefit from on a personal note. Other folk have been doing what these guys have been doing but now it is a problem.

It is sad that we have the Keith Harris’s who want to talk about folk not having degrees, not living in the city and etc. but it was okay when the gobs&gs had the power.

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See Keith Harris response to me:

Dude went after me when I didn’t say anything negative about him and he validated what I said in his response. My point was that the Special C’s been talking about black folk were not qualified and didn’t live in the city. I pointed out he only had a 2 year degree and didn’t live in the city. I never questioned his resume and the work he done. Hell I don’t know him and he don’t know me.

Read what he had to say for yourself hell but the response didn’t change what my point but did validate it. Keith Harris Post on his page.



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