Edgecombe County Democrats Meet At Last Minute About Board of Elections Appointment Only Because Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Started The Drama

First of all I don’t like to go into detail about meetings until I post the video but I am going to break tradition tonight however video should be up tomorrow evening.
I received some communications over the past couple of days about the Edgecombe County Board of Elections appointment and that Rev. Roosevelt Higgs was pushing it. It appears that Higgs had an agenda along with a few others. I have no problem with hidden agendas but don’t get mad with me because I don’t go along with it

I was told that the state had sent out something recently that the county chairs were supposed to contact the county executive committee to respond to the said names going to the state for the appointment. What happened is the chair Lawrence Taylor didn’t contact us and did what he wanted to do until he got challenged because during the previous names going to Raleigh it was Florence A. Armstrong, John Wooten and Donacine Vandelli. So tonight, when I get to the meeting, I was thinking that these were the names still up.

I was told the meeting was scheduled for 5:30 but it was not supposed to begin until 6 PM. I arrived around 5:50 to walk in and Rev. Thomas Walker was speaking. The chair Lawrence Taylor said you have heard all of the candidates and I was like oh meeting already begun. Taylor then began to move forward so that the voting could begin.

Commissioner Viola Harris questioned when the information goes out asking for candidates? How did we get to this point?

Florence A. Armstrong told the chair she could speak for herself and that she was driving down 95 North this past weekend and she received a phone call from a man in this room. Really? She knew about the appointment coming up because she was on the board of elections until it was disbanded by the Republican Party. Armstrong said she received the information by word of mouth.

Harris asked what does the party say about information being sent to everyone?

Rev. Higgs said Armstrong didn’t want to call his name. He talked about what we did in 2017 sending names to Raleigh. He gave us the history about what took place from 2017 til 2018 and the boards were abolished.

Higgs said on January 15, 2019 the State Chair that all boards across the state needed to reconvene to elect board of elections appointments. Higgs said we are here because as of Friday we had to get some names to the state by Tuesday because the state board going to meet on Thursday to do the appointment. He said it may be June before we meet again, and the leadership of this county asked him to do whatever he could have a board of elections. So, who is the damn chair Higgs or Lawrence? Higgs then go into his bullshit as if we are damn children. Well they may accept his mess, but I be damn if I will.

After that it was asked why didn’t an email go out? Video will show how Taylor responded. SMDH! Asked didn’t he have a group email and he said he didn’t have it that the former secretary had that information.

I asked didn’t he have all of our phone numbers? He said yes and the addresses.

Then see what Rev. Walker had to say. This damn man said he could say something about some folk in here with some hidden motives. I said and he came with one.

Every damn time I and certain other folk say something the damn chair always say point of order. Ain’t no damn order.

See what Ernest Taylor had to say.

Taylor was ready to vote, and Viola Harris said she wanted to do it by secret ballot. I said if you do secret ballot you will have to make it public as soon as the count is done.

Rep. Willingham spoke about how important this appointment was and what type of person need to be on the board. He said he just heard about the meeting tonight arriving late and had to rush over arriving late in the meeting.

Voted to do vote on the motion of secret ballot. I didn’t vote. It passed. After much discussion and vote it was voted on to do secret ballot. Then after all of that see what Rev. Walker did.

I then asked that we vote on the 3 names by acclimation so we could go home.

After my motion was asked to be amended and I withdraw my motion and changed the wording and the vote passed.

Then see what happened after that.

Video coming soon so you can see for yourself what happened at this mess of a meeting because of like Rev. Walker said folk with hidden agendas. Hell, Stevie Wonder will be able to see who had the hidden agenda tonight.

I will remind folk that I will not allow them to play upon my intelligence because I have been involved since the late 80’s and I will challenge Higgs and anyone else.

I have no damn agenda, no motive and whatever the hell else folk want to come up with.

I am for justice no matter who it is for or against.

I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!

See Florence Armstrong response to the party.

Interesting I serve on the Edgecombe County Democratic Party with Lawrence Taylor Chair and on the Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission via the NAACP with Lawrence’s mother.

Funny to me when you look at the hands raised some of the ignant asses didn’t raise their hands because I made the motion. The hell with these ignant asses because I am going to do what is right in spite of what these ignants think about me but I yet for them to prove me wrong.

Video coming soon!



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