Black Folk Don’t Be Bamboozled By What Fighting Crime, Concerned Citizens, Community Council, WHIG-TV And What Individuals Are Saying

Black folk don’t be bamboozled By What Fighting Crime, Concerned Citizens, Community Council, WHIG-TV and what individuals are saying about Rocky Mount Elected Officials and staff without doing your own damn homework.

I tell folk all the time to not just take my word for anything check me out because I am going to check you out.

I have a serious problem with folk who play games with folk lives such as what these I names do from time to time and it is just damn pathetic. I have no problem with trues but I have a problem with half-trues. I am different from lots of folk because I have been actively engaged in politics since the late 80’s so I know the climate now and from back then. I will challenge anyone when it comes to politics because I have been all up in it.

Folk you better look at who are saying what, why they are saying and what is in it for them? Hell they don’t give a damn about you but all about what they have to gain. My roles has been and continue to be is to hold all folk accountable for their actions and that be my friends, family associates and whomever.

I am for justice no matter who it is for or against. I have no permanent friends no permanent enemy’s only permanent interest!

Folk have said all kinds of things about me and called me all kinds of things but I know who I am and whose I am so nothing else matters.

I have never wanted for anything because I grew up with a family that instilled in me to work hard and do for myself but, I repeat but give to others. I began working at 5 years old and my parents told me that as long as you do good in school that they would do things for me. My parents always did things for others so that is instilled in me and I wake up every day and begin my day trying to hope somebody even ungrateful safe black folk and c’s because I recognize and understand that when black folk progress all folk benefits.

I refuse to allow anyone be they safe black folk, c’s and other races to disrespect me as when I have spent all of my adult life trying to help make Edgecombe and Nash Counties but not limited to a better place to live. I have traveled across the state in my political activism role and I will not give anything for my journey. I have paid my own way because I have used my own resources ie: monies, video camera, photo camera and other documenting history along with putting miles on my vehicles.

So when ya’ll come after me ya better come correct. I try to be nice to folk but folk don’t like it when I am nice so I have to say some choice words every now and again because some folk just don’t get it.

We are living in a time when folk just lie, lie, lie and folk just believe, believe, believe. Well folk you can lie and folk you can believe but I be damn if I am going to accept either.

Hell yeah I have a Tarboro address because but I have a Pinetops P.O. Box. It does not make a damn difference where I live because I am going to speak up on issues. I am going to do it because I am my brother’s keeper. I am a voice for the voiceless because some folk are afraid to speak out and others for whatever reason. Some folk have given me permission to speak for them however I am going to speak out for what is right whether folk allow me to speak for them or not. I recognize and understand that it ain’t about me and you but about me and him. So I am going to continue to do what I was put here to do and that is to be a voice for my people.

Don’t blame me! I had nothing to do with my creation so once you figure that out the better off you will be.

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