Black Folk Don’t Be Bamboozled By What Fighting Crime, Concerned Citizens, Community Council, WHIG-TV And What Individuals Are Saying

Black folk don’t be bamboozled By What Fighting Crime, Concerned Citizens, Community Council, WHIG-TV and what individuals are saying about Rocky Mount Elected Officials and staff without doing your own damn homework.

I tell folk all the time to not just take my word for anything check me out because I am going to check you out.

I have a serious problem with folk who play games with folk lives such as what these I names do from time to time and it is just damn pathetic. I have no problem with trues but I have a problem with half-trues. I am different from lots of folk because I have been actively engaged in politics since the late 80’s so I know the climate now and from back then. I will challenge anyone when it comes to politics because I have been all up in it.

Folk you better look at who are saying what, why they are saying and what is in it for them? Hell they don’t give a damn about you but all about what they have to gain. My roles has been and continue to be is to hold all folk accountable for their actions and that be my friends, family associates and whomever.

I am for justice no matter who it is for or against. I have no permanent friends no permanent enemy’s only permanent interest!

Folk have said all kinds of things about me and called me all kinds of things but I know who I am and whose I am so nothing else matters.

I have never wanted for anything because I grew up with a family that instilled in me to work hard and do for myself but, I repeat but give to others. I began working at 5 years old and my parents told me that as long as you do good in school that they would do things for me. My parents always did things for others so that is instilled in me and I wake up every day and begin my day trying to hope somebody even ungrateful safe black folk and c’s because I recognize and understand that when black folk progress all folk benefits.

I refuse to allow anyone be they safe black folk, c’s and other races to disrespect me as when I have spent all of my adult life trying to help make Edgecombe and Nash Counties but not limited to a better place to live. I have traveled across the state in my political activism role and I will not give anything for my journey. I have paid my own way because I have used my own resources ie: monies, video camera, photo camera and other documenting history along with putting miles on my vehicles.

So when ya’ll come after me ya better come correct. I try to be nice to folk but folk don’t like it when I am nice so I have to say some choice words every now and again because some folk just don’t get it.

We are living in a time when folk just lie, lie, lie and folk just believe, believe, believe. Well folk you can lie and folk you can believe but I be damn if I am going to accept either.

Hell yeah I have a Tarboro address because but I have a Pinetops P.O. Box. It does not make a damn difference where I live because I am going to speak up on issues. I am going to do it because I am my brother’s keeper. I am a voice for the voiceless because some folk are afraid to speak out and others for whatever reason. Some folk have given me permission to speak for them however I am going to speak out for what is right whether folk allow me to speak for them or not. I recognize and understand that it ain’t about me and you but about me and him. So I am going to continue to do what I was put here to do and that is to be a voice for my people.

Don’t blame me! I had nothing to do with my creation so once you figure that out the better off you will be.

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I Agree With The Title Letter to the Editor: Residents must work for change – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Gate Keeper’s sresponse: I agree residents must work for change however my question is what kind of change? It is past time that the residents stop allowing certain folk to get them all excited because they don’t like certain folk. Residents better do their own homework because the folk in place may be the best folk to represent your interest. The new energy I am trying to figure out because it is the same reporting and I know because I have been a part of it. Lindell Kay did an article on Rev. Roosevelt Higgs and myself and didn’t contact me but went on my blog and pulled out some content and did a story as if he had spoken to both of us. I confronted him about it and he told me he did the article because Higgs had called him about 10 times about doing a story. Lindell apologized to me during the meeting J. Kelly had at the OIC. He also quoted me when my friend Taro Knight died however the quote was not bad but the fact of how the hell do you quote someone when you have not spoken to them. Tickles the hell out of me how folk read the damn papers and don’t even consider there is another side to a story but they take stories about the city council and just because the papers said it it is true. Really! So glad I do my homework because if not I would just as ignant as the folk who are commenting and writing letters to the paper. But it ain’t so much they think what the papers write is true it is just that they don’t like who they are writing about so that automatically make who they write about the bad guy. As long as Fighting Crime, Concerned Citizens, Community Council, WHIG-TV and other c owned say it then it is fact. It is sad when so-called intelligent, religious and folk who say they are about what is right but continue to make ignant comments and then when a black man like me who ain’t afraid to respond to them call them out on their ignant racist mess, then they get mad. They can’t prove me wrong in my responses so they have to try to discredit me but the ignants don’t realize that the folk that are in their circle don’t like me anyway. So I just sit back and laugh while I continue to agitate them because since I am so irrelevant why do they continue to say my name. And lastly in this letter, I find the following to be too ignant, “We should all be thankful for a free press in our country and that our city has its own local news publication to promote transparency and accountability.” Really! So who owns the newspaper? How in the hell do you promote transparency and accountability when you are reporting one side and I know damn well the paper know other sides.

You may have noticed recently the sign of the newest tenant at the Mills when driving past on Falls Road: The Rocky Mount Telegram.

Ever since the newspaper moved offices over the holidays, it seems the staff has had a new energy that has been evidenced by it releasing with great haste over the past two weeks its own version of an old-fashioned newspaper extra on problems at City Hall that our leadership has not been forthcoming about.

And, contrary to the mayor’s dismissal of “newspaper articles and Facebook posts” in his statement at the City Council meeting this past Monday, it is largely thanks to the newspaper and the resulting discussion on social media (the modern day equivalent of a water cooler and front porch, for better or worse) that facts have come to light that concern the management and direction of our city. We should all be thankful for a free press in our country and that our city has its own local news publication to promote transparency and accountability.

However, let’s not stop at being consumers of media. In the early 20th century, a British newspaper reportedly asked the question “What is wrong with the world?” (Read more)

Edgecombe sheriff adds school resource officers – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Gate Keeper’s response: Thank you Sheriff Atkinson for always having safety and what you can do to help make Edgecombe County a better place to live, work and play. I have found this brother to be one of the most caring men that I know. He love people and is a people’s person. Thank you for your humbleness but yet outspokenness because in this society we need someone with both traits.

TARBORO — Retired Edgecombe County deputies are helping keep middle schools safe thanks to a new state grant.

“We have three retired deputies covering the five middle schools,” said Sgt. Joe Cofield of the Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office, who supervises the county’s school resource officers.

The retired deputies spend time every day at each school on a rotating basis.

“They spend fours in the morning then four hours in the afternoon at another school,” Cofield said.

The five middle schools in Edgecombe are: (Read more)

Man breathes life into neighborhood – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Gate Keeper’s response: Glad to see this young man turn his life around and doing some great things.

Troy Davis’ story is one of redemption the Rocky Mount way.

Davis, 31, grew up in the Ward 1 neighborhood of Meadowbrook.

“My mom lives there, my grandmother lives there, I live there,” Davis said Thursday morning while sitting at his desk in his Starling Way office surrounded by friends and supporters.

In 2004, Davis at 17 was the center of the largest identity theft case in Edgecombe County history.

Today, Davis is at the center of redevelopment in south Rocky Mount, having borrowed and invested $1.2 million in turning around Starling Way, a housing project that many thought had seen it final days.

Davis said recent attacks against him on social media are par for the course. He spoke candidly with the Telegram about his criminal past — something he didn’t have to do since all his records have been expunged. He said he got into trouble and spent time in prison on nonviolent, non-drug related charges. He did his time and found a new, better way to live. (Read more)

Nash sheriff seeks new jail – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Gate Keeper’s response: Been hearing about the conditions over at the jail so now it is finally being reported on. Looks like Nash County has some issues too however it do not stop with the jail. Maybe 2019 is the year of EXPOSURE.

Two local leaders who agree on nearly everything are at loggerheads over what to do about the aging Nash County jail.

Sheriff Keith Stone sees open bay dormitories and faltering equipment as security issues.

“We’ve got staffing issues — a 30 percent turnover rate — and it’s unsafe with inmates roaming around the dorms. We’ve got murderers in there with a guy who shoplifted at Walmart,” Stone said. “The jail can’t be fixed with cleaning and painting.”

Robbie Davis, chairman of the Nash County Board of Commissioners, said a lot of jails across the state use dormitories and maintenance issues can be addressed without remodeling.

Jailers describe a constant battle to keep operational a jail built sometime in the 1970s with a 1990s addition.

Stone recently invited the county commissioners to tour the jail.

Davis said he hasn’t done so, but he spent a night in jail as a young man and has no desire to see the inside walls again.

Commissioner Mary Wells took a tour. An octogenarian, Wells was advised by senior county officials not to go because of her low immune system. She’s now sick in bed, according to a source in county government. (Read more)

Work on new plants moves ahead – Rocky Mount Telegram

Progress is continuing on Triangle Tire’s plans to build a massive plant in rural Edgecombe County.

“They’re selecting a contractor now,” Carolinas Gateway President and CEO Norris Tolson said. “We’ve got the site ready for ’em. So, when they’re ready to build, the site is ready to build on.”

Triangle Tire, which is based in China, in late 2017 announced plans to bring approximately 800 jobs to the Kingsboro megasite, which is approximately five miles east of Rocky Mount and approximately six miles west of Tarboro.

Tolson said Triangle Tire has proposed a two-phase project at the megasite, with the first phase calling for an investment of approximately $580 million.

The first phase calls for having a facility to produce tires for cars and trucks.

Tolson said Triangle Tire plans to begin construction of the first phase in May and wants to begin production of those types of tires in 2020.

The second phase calls for producing tires for large, non-farm trucks and earth-moving machines. (Read more)