People Showing Their True Colors

🗣I don’t usually post on the matter but when it comes to Politics people can really show their true colors. Whether it be racist, hatred, bigot, etc. Now I understand everyone is entitled to their own opinion because I have several and I will voice them at anytime. I love all people whether you are Hispanic, Asian, Caucasian, or African-American because with a open wound we’ll all bleed the same no one is better than the other. As long as you respect my race and I, I will do the same. But it takes only one time for you to show me who you really are no matter your skin color and I can no longer deal. Times have really changed and I’m thankful for my ancestors and the people who fought so hard for me and mines to be able to live today. But I’ll be damned if Politics ain’t showed me who’s for me and who’s against me. #ThisIsNotUpForDebate

Quandra Warren

DMV plans to move its headquarters and hundreds of workers out of Wake County – News & Observer


The state Division of Motor Vehicles plans to move hundreds of workers and its headquarters from its long-time home on New Bern Avenue east of downtown Raleigh to Rocky Mount.

The DMV is seeking permission from the Council of State to sign a 15-year lease for part of the former Hardee’s headquarters on North Church Street, on the north side of Rocky Mount. The property is one of at least 10 options that real estate brokers and developers proposed for a DMV headquarters last fall and is the only one outside of Wake County or Research Triangle Park.

It was also the cheapest, according to information the state Department of Transportation provided to the Council of State. The DMV would pay an average of $2,053,635 per year over 15 years to rent 139,181 square feet of office and warehouse space, NCDOT told the council. The council is scheduled to decide whether to approve the lease at its regular meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 5. (Read more)

Another One Bites The Dust! Tosha Kelley Aldridge

Tosha Kelley Aldridge this c has blocked me. Hell she is the one that sent me a Friend Request some time ago. Hell I ain’t changed I was the same when she sent me the Friend Request that I am now.

Oh but that goes to show she don’t want folk on her page to see how I am the man. Just saying!

One less c I have to respond to.

She said she was gonna be gone from downtown Rocky Mount in April. Well she is gone from The DCN News Blog Online TV now. I didn’t send her she removed herself.

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