Received An Inbox From A Retired White Educator In Reference To My Letter To Editor Letter to the Editor: Trust council to do the right thing

I found the following to be very interesting and you should too. This white lady had the audacity to post in my inbox when we are not friends on Facebook. Should make you think about who are educating our children.

Joan Holder Weeks – she has me blocked so that when I click on her name now it does not take me to her page but you probably can. What has happened is she has been EXPOSED because 2 people sent me a link from her page that she talked about Rev. Roosevelt Higgs and myself that was in the Telegram Dems spar over sheriff pickThe comments are good. It appears that they didn’t support the Democratic Candidates but she is a registered Democrat. So it appears that Joan has had a problem with me for quite sometime but I also wonder does she have a problem with the Edgecombe County Sheriff Department.

No one cares about what you think of white folks but people like you. Small-Toney’s record speaks for itself. Citizens of the rocky Mount city limits were under the leadership of Charles Penny and not one bone was made about it. It’s people like you, Andre Knight that cause the division between the black and white communities. I worked in the Nash/Rocky Mount Public Schools for 30 years. I’ve had black and white children mostly black. Especially when I first started out in the Rocky Mount City Schools. I worked 19 years at that particular school and the demographics were 98% black. As the years went on it was all black. I loved every child I taught. Now it is people like you who causes division. I thought twice about sending this message to you. I am sick and tired of your awful words about how white folks have a problem. It’s you we have the problems with. God frowns upon troublemakers. You Curmilus Dancy are both a troublemaker and a bigot.

Kiss my troublemaker bigot ass!

You can now call each other and see information like Active Status and when you’ve read messages.

Ass all over!

Glad all blacks aren’t like you!!!!!!!!

Got more? Get it all off your chest so you can sleep tonight.

I sleep well when I go to sleep thank you. Unlike you I have a peace that passeth all understanding. I’m not a divider. I love people. At least I can go to sleep knowing I God is pleased with me. You need to get right with the Lord so He will take all this hatred from you. Something is wrong with people like you. I will pray for you. Go to sleep tonight knowing that someone out there is praying for you.

Yep because they have to go between the ribs to get to the lung. They don’t put you to sleep and they have to watch about how much they drain because when you drain to much it is really painful. It happened to her when they drained her in the hospital. The nurse was draining her and she could feel it getting low and she hollowed stop he was a little slow in stopping. She said she never had anything that hurt her as bad. Next time she will know what to expect when they do it with a needle. We are using a drainage bottle that has suction we hook the tubes together and it pulls the fluid from her lung (right lung). When she says she feels it we stop. That way there is no pain.

you can see a video on YouTube, it’s a Pleurx tube

Whoops that was meant for you. I put you in a group so others can read. Forgot to take you out. You wouldn’t care anyway.

Whoops Wasn’t meant for you

Wow! Put me in a group. White Privilege! I w onder what kind of grouping did you do those black children?

I loved those black children if I didn’t I wouldn’t have stayed they for 19 years. You are in the hatred group. God is going to have a hay day with you at your judgment. Praying for you. As far as white privilege I’ve worked for every thing I have. God has blessed me. Has nothing to do with being privileged. It’s called work for it. And thanking God for it. I wanted others to see you for WHAT you are. Which they read your how do you say it “ignant” in the paper. Praying for you to get over hatred and to use your energy in a more positive way. Just to let you know I can keep this up as long as you. But… someone in the “group” said you aren’t worth the effect. I disagree because you believe God can change people and He can change you just like he did Saul on the road to Damascus. So remember I am praying for you. Because some of us white people do pray for black and white, all people. So I will leave you with that.

Really! That was a job. Many folk stay on even when they are not happy. Let it flow!

6:50 PM

You can say all you want. You “ain’t gonna still my happiness.” You a psychologist/psychiatrist now? Do you read tea leaves?

Bye I will remember you in my prayers!!!!

This is in response to my letter to editor: Letter to the Editor: Trust council to do the right thing