After A Murder They Run To Facebook With All The Answers

Some Folk tickles the hell out of me after a murder take place.

Damn where we you before now?

Damn act as if you are somebody with your pretty words as if you done figured something out. When you post about how you saved a person feom being murdered then you will have done something.

You get up here and talk about what the Mayor ain’t doing, what the council ain’t doing, what the police ain’t doing and what I ain’t doing so what have you done?

Ya’ll be playing upon folk intelligence even during the time of morning.

After a murder they tun to facebook with all the answers. Really?

My Opinion On The Rocky Mount City Manager Rochelle Small-Toney Attack

Over the past several weeks there has been an attack on the Rocky Mount City Manager Rochelle Small-Toney. The following is my opinion and I stand by it.

When Small-Toney was up for the next city manager there was lots of feedback from some in the community that did some research on her background. Wow! What a back ground. But does a person deserve a 2nd chance? Everyone wants a 2nd chance because most of us have a track record.

Since Small-Toney has been in Rocky Mount, I have attended several meetings and I have not had any dealings with her. I have spoken and kept moving. I have observed her, and she seemed to have been professional about what she was saying but to see what she was doing is another thing. Some things are documented but then one must be able to align the documented up with the policy and procedures to see if she is out of compliance. I don’t know what is to be true and or false so I will have to rely on the response from the council as to how they move forward with or without Small-Toney. I then can fact check all sides if the resources are made available. What I will not do is to act on emotions without having all the facts which is the norm for the majority of folk who have no clue as to how politics work.

I am having a flashback with all this activity because I am reminded of how white folk were in charge and black folk were not given jobs/promotions just because they were black. What I do know is the Rocky Mount City Council used to be a majority white. The department heads used to be a majority white. Times have changed but sadly some folk have not because some white folk have a problem with working under black folk authority.

I understand the concerns such as the hiring of a police chief. But did she have the right to deny the candidate recommended? I don’t know the answer. I understand the concerns about how monies have been spent on the remodeling of her office, but do she have a budget for that? I understand the concerns about department heads living outside of the city so is she responsible for that? So, does these things warrant the firing of Small-Toney or some type of reprimand if one is necessary?

I will attend the council meeting on next Monday to see what unfold during the meeting. I will receive whatever takes place and I will examine if the council does the right thing per the facts as presented. I will then give my opinion on how the process was handled however I trust and believe the council will do the right thing.

Curmilus Dancy II

Mothers of gang members must wake up and see their sons for who they are – Chicago Tribune

The Gate Keeper’s response: When the mothers, fathers, all family members and friends address this issue the better off they will be. When one don’t address the issue of a family member going down the wrong path, then you should feel guilty for not saying anything. It is too late to talk about it when the only thing left is RIP. And then after that one be in denial when they knew all the time what could have been.

Micheail Ward was sentenced this week to 84 years in prison for killing Hadiya Pendleton. At Ward’s age of 24, that amounts to a lifetime.

Some would say that Ward, a gang member who was in and out of trouble with the law, had been working his way to this point for a long time. But his mother apparently never saw it coming. Maybe it’s because she would not open her eyes.

In an interview during the waning days of her son’s murder trial last summer, April Ward sat down with me to talk about the son she knew. She insisted, just as she did on the witness stand during the sentencing hearing Monday, that he was a good son. She told me he was never in a gang, and most certainly is not a murderer.

“I raised him spiritually, always in church,” Ward, 45, said during a lunch break in the courthouse cafeteria last year. “My son can quote Scripture. He knows it well. His grandma taught him that.”

The young man who confessed to police on video that he went to a South Side park one afternoon in 2013 and fired into a group of high school students, striking Hadiya, was not the child she had raised with her husband. (Read more)