Basketball Team Refuses To Play On MLK Day After Teenagers Display A Trump Flag – News One

A predominately Black basketball team is refusing to play today — on MLK Day — due to entitled teenagers displaying a “Trump 2020: Keep America Great!” flag. The coach for the team is now speaking out.

Michael Walker coaches Minneapolis Roosevelt High School and wrote on Facebook, “I coach a predominantly black inner city high school team. We go out to a rural area in Jordan, MN and this is there. Please explain how and why this is appropriate at a high school basketball game?” See below:

After the coach and the basketball team saw the flag,  they refused to play their scheduled game for today. (See more)


Timeline: Rocky Mount City Manager Rochelle Small-Toney Under Fire Via Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: Updated: I have found the City Manager to be very professional and she has been doing a great job in my opinion. However, I am not on the inside and not a council person but as an activist I am pleased with what I have seen. The haters have actually done her some good because she has been in the spotlight and the outcome has been Fa bu lous tastic!

I have not been a fan of the City Manager and has never held a conversation with her. It is just something about her. However she sounded very professional in the meetings that I have been in her presence. I support the good that folk do and I call them out on the mess they do. I have read stuff about her since her name was 1st mentioned about her being in the run for city manager. Someone said how did they hire this woman with her background? I said to the person so if you had a background would you not want someone to give you a chance? I said some folk change. You would think folk would change and not continue to do mess after being given another chance. I act on the facts as presented but I need to hear from everyone involved and also be able to match what they say to the policy and procedures. I hope to learn more about the allegations from now to Monday when the next council meeting.


City implements security measures Rocky Mount, N.C.

Rocky Mount City Council Meetings On Youtube & Other Videoed By Curmilus Butch Dancy II

Last Update: July 21, 2019

*City election races all contested
*Letter to the Editor: Robbery won’t deter local business owner 
Letter to the Editor: Nash residents support smart investments
Council seeks more input on downtown project 
Arrest warrant issued for council candidate 
Letter to the Editor: Twin Counties intertwined
*Letter to the Editor: Race influences downtown debate 
City receives swiftwater rescue gear 
Candidate assaulted during robbery 
Downtown rehab funds awarded 
Knight files for re-election to council 
Developers tout downtown project 
Planning board approves new hotel
Jobless rate rises across area, state 
Council OKs parking deck funds 
Councilman launches election campaign 
First woman tapped as water supervisor 
Letter to the Editor: Action against Faulcon overdue 
One-way streets vex motorists 
Hearing to discuss hotel project 
Elections 2019 Candidates flock to file for election
City offers home repair help 
Critics pan downtown hotel plans – Rocky Mount Telegram (LJK) 
Letter to the Editor: Hotel development questions mount 
Hotel fiscal projections ambiguous
City firefighters, auditor resign 
Consultant fees mount for hotel 
Parking deck costs shift 
Mercer tapped to be new fire chief 
Tarboro seeks Main Street accreditation 
Downtown hotel details remain murky 
City budget targets downtown needs 
Embattled city official put on leave pending probe 
Developer touts downtown hotel project 
City lacks Main Street accreditation 
Downtown efforts lack social media presence 
Candidate filing period to begin 
Council OKs downtown hotel plans 
Man complains that cop shot dog 
Panel questions vacant city post 
Trophy shop to leave downtown 
New hotels move ahead with plans 
Council set to vote on budget 
City official visits China
Letter to the Editor: Event Center has unseen pitfalls
Letter to the Editor: Facts really do matter
City receives arts grant 
Fourth candidate seeks Ward 3 seat 
Business leaders upbeat about economy
City, Edgecombe hike funding for gateway partnership 
Residents raise concerns to council 
Former candidate mulls council run 
Letter to the Editor: Message for City Council 
Council set for budget discussion 
City works to improve morale 
Longtime city department head resigns 
Downtown hotel project moves forward 
Residents sound off to council 
Council to weigh property leases
City puts focus on downtown incentives 
It’s time to quit on current city government
*Letter to the Editor: Hotel plan raises questions

Letter to the Editor: Council critics offer nothing 
No tax hike in city budget plan 
Local developer arrested at City Hall 
Council focuses on City Hall security 
Bid process tilts project to developer 
Judge recuses self from city lawsuit 
Candidates differ over results of city probe 
Probe of city reports no wrongdoing 
Audit finds $450K repaid to HUD 
City critic weighs run for council 
City targets internet gaming
City probe on council’s agenda 
City nixes repair work 
Blackwell appointed to state medical institute 
Car wash to fund beach trip 
Celebrity chef joins Event Center 
ECC chides city over parking 
Longtime downtown store to move 
Residents jeer council at meeting 
‘Grown and Sexy’ is all about marketing 
Letter to the Editor: Dancy won’t be silenced 
Buried HUD report cited fiscal woes 
Emails show intent about parking lots 
Event Center to host state gymnastics championships 
City emails shine light on secrets 
Gateway leaders chide Nash withdrawal 
City panel reaches out to Latinos 
*Letter to the Editor: Racial understanding still elusive 
Event center staff reports full schedule 
Commission member to step down 
Council OKs Douglas block buyout 
Top cops target misperceptions 
*Letter to the Editor: New city officials should be fiscally responsible 
Housing site faces environmental concerns 
Nash to leave partnership 
Business leaders urge Nash County board to stay with partnership 
New event center manager hired 
City Hall probe nears end 
Council to consider grant application 
City to disperse facade grants 
Commission hears from Latinos 
*Columnist If not gentrification, what is the vision? 
Downtown investor receives award 
*Letter to the Editor: How did we get to this point?
Facade grant program to begin  
*Letter to the Editor: City councilman plays the victim
City departments reorganized 
Robinson named new top cop 
No answers to cold case unit queries 
Betts still sees bright future for city
Business owner seeks Ward 1 seat 
Petition targets downtown development 
Knight shrugs off recent criticism 
*Letter to the Editor: Harris story hits mark 
Council to revisit board’s residency rule 
Probe underway into City Hall 
Letter to the Editor: Who are the real racists? 
Letter to the Editor: Who is benefiting? 
Council critic seeks open seat
City plans demolitions 
Pet store to move out of downtown
Council scrutinizes downtown plans
Council studies housing
City amends truck ban ordinance
*Letter to the Editor: Nothing negative said about Harris 
Blog post creates Facebook frenzy
Residency of officials questioned
Ex-fire chief fights City Hall 
Letter to the Editor: An exciting time for local economy
Letter to the Editor: We won’t be fooled 
Downtown merchants look to future 
*Letter to the Editor: State auditor should investigate city 
City studies downtown parking 
Nash sheriff refutes statements by Combs, Lamb 
Downtown hotel deal announced 
Small-Toney given firing orders 
*Letter to the Editor: Follow the money 
City official scrambled to establish residency 
Woman organizes prayer vigil for city 
Downtown club lacks ABC permit 
Fate of hotel revitalization grant uncertain 
Man breathes life into neighborhood 
Fire chief to take early retirement 
Development strategies discussed 
*Letter to the Editor: Pray for City Council members 
Letter to the Editor: Residents must work for change 
Letter to the Editor: Event Center a waste of money 
Letter to the Editor: City manager not held accountable 
Residents sound off to council
Mayor David Combs statement from Jan. 28 Rocky Mount City Council meeting: 
Tom Rogers, Mayor Pro Tem’s statement from Jan. 28 Rocky Mount City Council meeting:
City manager to keep her job 
*Letter to the Editor: Fix the city now
Staff warned council about issues
*Columnist Blog post creates Facebook frenzy 
*Columnist My heart is in Rocky Mount 
Waiting for City Council to do the right thing 
Letter to the Editor: It’s about competency, not race
City audits prove ineffective
Downtown business owner fights city
New city hire faced allegations in Sharpsburg
Council to discuss city manager
Event rallies support for city manager
*Letter to the Editor: Trust council to do the right thing
City loses millions in funding
Miller disputes ‘unanimous’ vote for manager
Fiscal mismanagement spurs federal scrutiny 
Council delays decision on city manager 
City manager faced same allegations
City manager’s office remodeling irks council 
City official’s misstep costs taxpayers $182K 
Letter to the Editor: City manager situation untenable 
City official still lives out of state 
Another city official resigns 
New parks director named 
City settles discrimination suit 
Letter to the Editor: Police chief search decision disturbing 
Police chief search traverses troubled waters 

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Rocky Mount City Council Committee of The Whole Special Called Meeting Today

The Gate Keeper response: Well looks like these upset folk are getting a taste of what black folk used to have to deal with. Now the times have changed. I am for justice no matter who it is for or against.  But I remember when white folk were in charge and all of the corrupt mess was going on. Didn’t have black media to expose them at the level the black folk are getting exposed. They took everything black folk had from the land to their ass be it man and woman. They don’t want to talk about the whole trues. Some folk got am ne sia. So I am just going to sit back and see how it all unfold.

Ab so lute ly! Packed out the wrong meeting. But that is what happens when folk are mislead. Didn’t attend because I know how politics works. I love it how folk are so easily mislead by 2 social media sites. Oh folk don’t want to hear these trues. But prove me wrong. Join me at the next meeting and be able to speak during Public Comments and to see what is discussed. Well!