Police chief search traverses troubled waters – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Gate Keeper: This is good to me. I have never had a conversation with City Manager Rochelle Small-Toney. I don’t even know if we have even spoken even though I have been in her presence a many of times. I am liking this story simply because it brings a whole new outlook on her now because I can say she has shown us what having the power can do. What good is having the power and not using it? Well I have no problem with folk using their power if it is a good thing. In this case this bring back memories of how when white folk were and is in power they have and will change the rules to not give black folk certain positions. May not be right now but won’t right then either. So what I like about it is the dialogue that is taking place by white folk who are pissed so like it has always been said when black folk got pissed, we would get over it. Well the roles have changed, black folk have some power and what pisses me off is when they have the power and don’t use it. And what I love about the white folk who are pissed is they want to blame the mayor and the council for her actions when she has the power. What part of that ya’ll don’t understand.  Now let that sink in.

Rocky Mount’s top administrator ignored local law enforcement recommendations for a new police chief, instead restarting a costly candidate review process that demonstrates a proclivity for hiring prior associates even at extra expense to taxpayers, and called for a retraction in a recent newspaper article reporting on the situation.

City officials requested the retraction of one sentence in a Dec. 31 year-in-review article in the Telegram headlined “Economic momentum boosts city.” That sentence reads: “While a search panel recommended Capt. Marty Clay for the top spot, City Manager Rochelle Small-Toney started the job candidate process over again.”

Since the outcome of the search process isn’t public record and the city manager makes the final determination, the newspaper acknowledges Clay may not have been her top choice but stands by its reporting that local law enforcement officials who took part in the process preferred Clay over the other candidates. (Read more)


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