You Guys Up Here Yesterday Talking About Supporting The Youth What Are You Doing?

Yesterday in a post several folk were talking supporting the youth. Hell been doing that since the late 80’s advocating on their behalf. I also advocated for staff.

Not going to go into anymore detail because it is alread documented on my blog, social media pages and mist important in the minutes of the meetings.

Today I worked 9 hours left Rocky Mount and drove 53 miles to video SouthWest basketball games. Been doing this since the 90’s.

So hell yeah I am not going to allow folk to get up here and talk as if they have been doing something and/or going to do something.

When you do something then talk about it. Until then sit down and shut up.

Oh I am multi-tasking posting, videoing and taking photos.

I’ll be waiting!

Some Of Them Old Sayings Sounded Good For That Season

Some of them old sayings sounded good back then but today I rethink some of them.

Some said it take a village to raise children.

It didn’t take a village to raise me. Nor did I need a village to help me raise mines.

Now if it take a village to raise your children then hey I have no problem with it.

If a child’s parents, parents siblings, child’s siblings and parent’s friends were to reach out to them then that would be one of the solutions when it comes to help raising a child.

But just my ignant opinion.