Brotherly Love

Around 8:20 PM on Saturday night a co-worker/friend called me. We talk from time to time and we are Facebook friends. He recently found out he knows some of the same folk that I know outside of work. (When you guys read this do not respond because folk don’t need to know who I am talking about.) He talked about how he appreciate what I do and if anything he could ever do for me to just pick up the phone. I told him I appreciate the call and that will hold him to that.

Around 1:45 AM Sunday morning a friend that I rarely talk to but we do talk from time to time called me. We are Facebook friends. He talked about how he appreciate what I do and how I keep him motivated. He follows me on Facebook and has since dating back to around 2005. He talked about how we played a role in the landscape of the State NAACP. He talked about how powerful my blog was doing that time.

These are not the only guys that have told me how much they appreciate what I do because the number is huge. It ain’t all men  either because there are some women. The ages range from the young to the elderly.

I don’t need folk to like what I post and/or respond because I validate me and what I say before I say it. I know what I know and that I don’t, I have resources so and I use mines. If it is something I don’t know, I don’t try to figure it out, I reach out to my contacts.

The moral of this story is when I run into folk they tell me how much they appreciate me to my face or they call me on the phone and tell me.

So therefore that is what keep me motivated because I know that I am touching folk.

I ain’t all that so don’t get it twisted. I just love folk and want to see folk happy.

I know there are some folk who don’t like me for whatever reason but one thing I do know is that I have not done anything to them so I have no control over that. What I do know is when they have a conversation and/or get to know me they have a whole new outlook about who I am. 

I was feeling some kind of way yesterday and to receive these 2 calls out of the blue and on the same day. When I received the 1st call I was on the phone with someone else and didn’t answer but I called them back. The 2nd call around 1:45 AM the person called me on Facebook Instant Messenger and I normally don’t pick up. I normally send them a message and tell them to call me on my cell number. Because of the connection he told me to call him back on his cell phone.

I try to respond to folk any time of the day or night because I never know if someone just need to talk to someone. Sometime folk need someone they can talk to when they are having a good day and/or bad day. But I ain’t going to entertain ignant mess. (Correction: Not Rev. Roosevelt Higgs because I don’t respond to he and others that want to call about their mess.)

I have been misunderstood, lied on and anything that some attempt to make me look like a bad guy but the truth will always prevail. I have no control over how folk who don’t like me feel about me so I don’t even think about it. I don’t worry about things that I can’t control.

I want to say thank you and I love you to all of my supporters and you know who you are.