Black Lives Matter

Talking about Black Lives Matter when some of us acting like a bunch of damn Black Fools!

Some of us walk around here like we sitting on top of the world and don’t even speak to family and friends.

You going to Hell!

I may go too but it will not be because I didn’t try to treat folk right even when they wanted to treat me some kind of way.


I cuss! I play the lottery. I go to church. I try to treat folk right but can’t say I always do because that depends on what they feel. I try to help anybody. If I should ever win the lottery I am going to offer the church some and it is up to them if they accept. I am going to break off a piece to family/friends whom have been good to me.

I do know that in 2019 I ain’t got time for no mess. I turned 56 on Christmas Day so that means I am getting closer and closer to the day of my transition.

I ain’t gonna let nothing and nobody turn me around. I got my eyes on the prize.

I am who he made me and anyone that has a problem with that, too damn bad! I will not be apologetic for being who I am and whose I am.

Pretty Words Who You Think You Are Fooling?

Pretty Words Who You Think You Are Fooling? You say you are about this and about that. You say you are about truth. You say you are about the Word.

Folk post these pretty words but are you really living what you post?

Are you trying to impress someone or are you trying to impress yourself?

I know a lot of folk know me so when I post something I ain’t posting anything that folk can say he just a lie.

I try to post things that will help folk.

I don’t post things when I know I have a weakness such as I hate paying bills on time and pay them at the last minute the majority of the time. I keep saying I am going to do better but I ain’t there yet.

I ain’t getting up here telling folk to do things that I don’t do.

I ain’t getting up here quoting scriptures that don’t line up to what I am living. Most of the time I only post one scripture and that is Ecclesiastes 3.

I ain’t getting up here posting for folk to respond to my post by hitting the Like button or commenting. I just post don’t need no confirmation. If one does it is okay.

It is time out for a lot of foolishness because that is all it is.

I can’t fool folk, folk know me.

Folk some of the mess you post you damn sure ain’t fooling me and others so some of the mess you post you need to sit down and shut the hell up if it don’t align with what you are living.

I love folk and try to do whatever I can to make folk around me happy because when folk around me are happy I am happy.

Nope I ain’t perfect. I ain’t nobody but I am who I am and that is a REALIST!

Fact check that part!

Local Folk, Local Mess Let’s Talk About That Part

I Say What I Mean & Mean What I Say!

What tickles the hell out of me is how local folk see local mess and don’t talk about that.

I know ministers that I have never bought any of their gospel songs and/or attended a church they pastor because of how they treated their spouse and or messing around with women and some other things that I don’t agree with that they may do that is not biblical.

Nope I ain’t perfect and I know others ain’t but some things especially those things that one does that affect other folk lives, then that is a problem.

Yes I got issues but my issues don’t affect you.

Court clerk wrongly hired family member – Rocky Mount Telegram

Nash County’s new clerk of court recently dismissed a family member after hiring them against state law.

Linda Thorne, who won an uncontested election in November, took office Dec. 3. The family member was hired the following day. Thorne dismissed the family member later that week after consulting with Russ Eubanks, the human resources manager for the state Administrative Office of the Courts.

Eubanks referred the Telegram to the agency’s communications department, which wouldn’t comment on who informed the state about the situation. (Read more)