Harrison Barnes Condemns Silent Sam’s Place on UNC’s Campus – 24-7 Sports

On Thursday, Dec. 14 many prominent former North Carolina basketball players penned a letter condemning the University’s plan to build a $5 million solution for Silent Sam, the Confederate monument that stood in the middle of UNC’s upper quad before it was toppled in August.

Among those who signed the letter are Vince Carter, Jerry Stackhouse, Harrison Barnes, Marvin Williams, Danny Green, Wayne Ellington, Raymond Felton, John Henson, Isaiah Hicks, Justin Jackson, Theo Pinson, Ademola Okujala, J.R. Reid, David Noel, Brendan Haywood, and George Lynch.

This letter was separate from the open letter that over 200 current and former UNC student-athletes sent to North Carolina Chancellor Carol Folt, Dean Kevin Guskiewicz, Dean Steve Matson, the UNC Board of Trustees, the UNC Board of Governors, the North Carolina General Assembly and the North Carolina Historical Commission. (Read more)

In 1st month under new Wake County sheriff, dozens say they’ve been reassigned, lost jobs – CBS 17

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – One month into the new Wake County Sheriff’s term, dozens of deputies and other departmental employees are in new positions or out of work.

Wake County Fraternal Order of Police president Frank Sancineto said Sheriff Gerald Baker fired or demoted at least 40 of the employees inherited from Donnie Harrison, whom Baker defeated in the November 2018 general election.

“It’s a right to work state. He has the power to do what he did, but it’s not right,” Sancineto said. “We at the Fraternal Order of Police have to protect our guys, and at least for now they’re being wronged.”

Sancineto said several patrol deputies received reassignments to work at the jail. He said corrections work is not a law enforcement position, so some of these employees face losing their certification as officers.

There are also concerns of cuts in pay and rank. (Read more)

Folk Don’t Start Out In 2019 Allowing Mess

Folk have been asking me about Rev. Roosevelt Higgs being on the Princeville Board. I said that ain’t possible because he do not live over there. I said he has already lied all of these years after the 1999 flood about he lived in Speed when it is fact that he lived in Tarboro. I said maybe he is serving on a committee. They said no he took Commissioner Glenda Knight’s place because she is the interim manager. I said no she is the Mayor Pro-tem as far as I know.

It is ironic Higgs called me a couple of days ago and because I have his number blocked I don’t receive the call however he can leave a voice message. He left me a message saying call him he wanted to run something by me. Really?

I tolerate Higgs in public and the last time I seen him was in Rocky Mount at a meeting shortly after the election, he spoke to me and I spoke to him. I have not seen him since that time.

Folk don’t start out allowing allowing other folk to make decisions on your behalf and you sit back silently. If Princeville, which I doubt very seriously has this guy on the board and/or a committee, you need to speak up because you got a mess coming.

Last month he was on the radio talking junk about Princeville and the sad part he used Commissioner Mayor Pro-tem Glenda Knight’s talk show to do it because he hosted the show while she was not present. Couldn’t be me because he would not be able to host the show while I was not there nor could he call in while I am there.

R. Kelly

Did he have sex with the teenagers?

Did the parents consent?

Should he be the only guilty one when it comes to a boy/man having sex with teenagers?

Do not Kelly, the teenagers and the parents have a role in this?

Didn’t look at it and didn’t want to comment on it. Been reading stuff so just asking questions.

Nobody has to respond.

All I have to say is folk used to say I ain’t gonna have no problem with boys because they gonna be scared when it came to my girls and they were ab so damn lute ly right I guess because I didn’t have any problems.

All I got to say folk can’t pick and choose what part they want to talk about without talking about the whole thing.

What I do know is there are a lot of folk who are saved by grace because we all have done some things especially when it comes to relationships and we were not called out.

So folk need to be cautious and not forget from whence we came.

Wrong is wrong!