Somebody Said Black & Brown Folk Need To Start A Poor People’s Party

I understand the call black and brown folk to leave the Democratic Party but I say if they would come together and take over the Democratic Party it would save a lot of heartache, pain and time. It is no reason why each county should not have a black political machine but black folk are some scared folk.

Been there done that meeting with some black folk many were ministers across the state trying to work on a 3rd party but that didn’t work.

I strongly believe it will have to happen county by county and when the counties work it then we will be on to something.

If we can’t get some black folk out now what will it take to get them out to start another party? 

I strongly believe that the only way to start the process is for serious unafraid black folk to come together to come up with a strategy to see how we can get everyday black folk to want to get involved.

Election Time Do You Support And Promote Your Candidate/s Or Are You Just Playing Politics During Election Time?

Over the years I have been actively engaged in politics working to expose and to get my candidate/s elected. I have enjoyed Edgecombe County Politics and if I was to just let politics go, I know I have done more than

I am going to use the Edgecombe County Sheriff Office for example.

In 1995 I was the 1st Vice Chair of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party and Rev. Roosevelt Higgs called a meeting at North End Baptist Church about the replacement of Sheriff Phil Ellis. Higgs called the meeting trying to get the white guy next in line to Ellis appointed. Dorothy Joyner a former Edgecombe County Democratic Party former chair said I am here to get Detective James Knight appointed. We removed Higgs as the convener of the meeting and we elected Roy Gray as the Convener. I worked hard to get Knight appointed. The Edgecombe County Democratic Party went on to appoint James Knight in 1996 and he was 1st elected in 1998. In 1998 was the interim Chair of the part.

I am happy that the Democrats of Edgecombe County appointed and then voted Knight in. But not only did the Democratic Party support him but much support came from the Republican Party. So when folk say why can’t we work across party lines, well we do when it comes to certain offices.

In February 1997 Sheriff James Knight announced his retirement and former State Patrol Cleveland “Clee” Atkinson Jr. decided he wanted to be appointed to be the next Sheriff of Edgecombe County. When I heard he wanted it and then he approached me, I said I wanted to see where the guy that was next in line to Knight was going to do. After speaking to a couple of folk I was told he was not going to seek the appointment. And then shortly after the guy next in line called me and we met. I told him I had heard that he was not going to seek the appointment but he said he had decided to seek the appointment. I had heard that Rev. Roosevelt Higgs had told him he should seek the appointment. Again here we go Higgs in the mix. Higgs did all he could trying to sabotage appointment process since he was the chair of the party at that time.

Once I met with 2 of the candidates and not hearing from the others, I decided Atkinson was my choice. I had T-shirts made Atkinson for Sheriff some white and some blue and people asked me how they could get one. I ended up giving away many of the shirts and probably sold less than 5. I had me one for every day of the week. I was serious about getting my candidate appointed.

In March 2017 the Edgecombe County Democratic Party met and Clee Atkinson was appointed overwhelmingly. Since he has been appointed he has been doing some great things.

A couple of weeks ago this month November 2018 I am proud to call Cleveland “Clee” Atkinson my Sheriff. He continues to do great things and not only did he have the support of Democrats but also much support from Republicans.

Although I don’t have a Political Pac that come out during election time, I sacrifice my time and resources in support of my candidate/s all year long. I expose and promote my candidate/s so that the citizens can see what they are doing.

So do you support and promote your candidate/s or are you just playing politics during election time?

Now that the election is over back to business as usual.

Oh and by the way as I have stated over and over again if you are running for an office in Edgecombe County you need to talk to me. The DCN News Blog Online TV ain’t no joke.

Electoral Vote Need To Be Abolished

Curmilus Butch Dancy II Talking about the Electoral Vote why is it one can win the Popular Vote but not the Electoral Vote and become President?

Arthur Johnson Because the electoral college was put in place protect the 13 slave states. They control 170 electoral votes. It was put in place by Virginia to protect the southern states because of Slavery. It’s long past run its course. Its time it is abolished because with it in place the voices of the people were ignored…… again.

Curmilus Butch Dancy II Thanks! Just want someone that read this post that didn’t know now they know.
You see my brother that is an educational moment because folk black and white act as if racism do not still exit. Until the bill of sales are paid in full to eliminate everything connected to Slavery they will continue to reap the benefits of white privilege.